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Online Meals Delivery


With a set of more than 3000 restaurants in nine main cities throughout Turkey, serving more than 510, 000 users, Yemeksepeti is the unrivaled leader in online food delivery in Turkey. Despite spending very little in traditional advertising and marketing, this transaction processing organization – they neither help to make nor provide the food – has discover impressive expansion. Yemeksepeti is a rapidly growing, profitable e-commerce organization where only 1% of on-line payment transactions will be credit card based. Currently, the organization finds by itself at an essential point because they evaluate if to take their very own model to new markets through individually launching independent brands, joining up with local companies or franchising items of the style.


To get the preferred purchase platform in the food delivery business in major metropolitan areas worldwide



Yemeksepeti does not prepare food. It does not function a delivery service. Yemeksepeti is Turkey's premier net market-builder, running the online buy processing intended for restaurants through the country's main cities. Yemeksepeti's Turkish and English deal platform delivers value-added companies for two principal stakeholder teams: clients (restaurants) and customers (Internet users). Yemeksepeti's service for their clientele is a cost-effective, outsourced customer relationship and technology managing platform for on-line meals delivery. Yemeksepeti's product is a user friendly fax or Point-of-Sale (POS) platform to orders. Yemeksepeti's service for their users is usually: 1 . installment payments on your 3. Regularly identifying, recruiting and auditing an up-to-date readable directory of potential food distributors to provide a diversified selection of trusted food delivery options. Functioning a customer assistance call center to supply user assistance and treat any purchase problems. Retaining and constantly improving a user-friendly net, TV and SMS program to make food delivery more convenient and interesting. This can include a fully personalized webpage intended for registered users, which saves multiple addresses such as " home” or " work” under appropriate titles enabling the user to easily hunt for restaurants inside their respective neighborhood. It also permits the user to do a list of preferred restaurants, regular orders and past purchases for speedy ordering. The most important novelty is that users can make their approach to payment as cash, credit-based card upon delivery, Sodexho or debit cards, or finally, on-line mastercard.


Determining restaurants that pass Yemeksepeti's delivery potential, quality and hygiene standards are responsible for three things: c. 2009; based on Candidate Single profiles from Undertaking Turkey and used with agreement from Project and Yemeksepeti.

Özyeğin University BUS 102 1 . 2 . 3. Featuring menu and pricing improvements to Yemeksepeti on a timely basis, Organizing the food to order, and; Delivering the meals on-time to the right treat as promoted.

New or perhaps small restaurants with limited advertising finances gain significant visibility through promotional email or banner discount provides. If the users give positive reviews, the cafe business expands. If also one consumer has a legit complaint, however , the cafe must quickly make make amends or is ousted from the directory. Innovative value-added special offers are also generating Yemeksepeti's reputation: The Yemeksepeti entrepreneurs noticed that " foodstuff + entertainment” is an excellent combination so they will added this to the menu. Selected eating places leverage a chance to up their particular transaction counts by offering a " free DVD” by a selection of the most up-to-date film releases to users. The users' perceived benefit is over US$15. 00. Using the cost intended for the DVD MOVIE incurred by the restaurant is no more than US$2. 00 since Yemeksepeti procures surplus DVD inventory from press distributors to conserve. The " free DVD” offer features...


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