Working Capital of Lamcy Silky

 Working Capital of Lamcy Silky Essay





Lamiya Silks, Thrissur, Kerala

Posted to

Of india Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM),

New Delhi



DURE 11 as well as 13

ID- D1113SSIBSEPGP10207 (COC – 5 – FLORIDA – 1050)

in incomplete fulfillment from the requirement for being the degree of MASTER OF ORGANIZATION ADMINISTRATION 10th April 2012– 25th May 2012

Phone- 8860598398Email- jibin. [email protected] com


This can be a matter of great satisfaction and pleasure to provide this survey on Seed money Management of Lamiya Silk sheets. I make use of this opportunity to are obligated to repay my as a result of all those involved with my training. Firstly I want to thank LAMIYA SILKS for offering the opportunity to full my task in the business. I placed on record my own sincere due to my school, Indian Commence of Preparing and Supervision (IIPM), New Delhi, intended for giving me such an opportunity. I are extremely pleased to Mister. Mohammed Rashin for the encouragement, discussions and critical assessment from the project. It absolutely was a good experience for me to work together with Lamiya Silks, a master in the textile industry. We am considerably obliged to Mr. Mohammed Rashin my personal industry guideline, and Mr. Mansoor. P. A, Mister. Lishad. T. A who have shared all their expertise and knowledge with me at night without that the completion of job would not had been possible. We express my personal gratitude to staff of Lamiya Silks, those who have allowed me to directly or indirectly in completing the education.


Sl. No . | Contents| Web page No .

1 ) | Business Summary| you – 2

2 . | Introduction| a few – 20

| installment payments on your 1 Functioning Capital| some – almost 8

| installment payments on your 2 Functioning Cycle| being unfaithful

| installment payments on your 3 Seed money Management| being unfaithful – 18

| 2 . 4 Concept of Working Capital| 19 - 20

3. | Analysis Methodology| 21 – 3

4. | Sector Overview| 24 – 30

| 4. 1 Textile Sector| 25 – 27

| 4. a couple of SWOT of Textile Industry| 28 – 30

five. | Business Overview| 31 – 35

6. | Internship Activities| 39 – 57

7. | Internships Assessment| 58 – 59

8. | Conclusion| sixty – sixty one

9. | Illustration| 62 – sixty five

10. | Bibliography| 66 – 67


Table No . | Contents| Page Number

1 . | Comparative Revenue & Loss Account| forty-nine

2 . | Trend examination (Liability Side)| 50

a few. | Tendency Analysis (Asset Side)| fifty-one

4. | Cash Flow Analysis| 52

5. | Income Statement| 53

6. | Profit & Loss Account| 55

several. | Equilibrium Sheet| 56


Chart No| Contents| Page No .

1 ) | Main Department Sales| 63

2 . | Various other Department sales| 64



Lamiya Silks is definitely a well famous textile outlet in Kerala. It has a lot more than 10 divisions all over the express with wide selection of apparels mainly for women. It has broadened its business for the gulf as well.

The major aim of the study is to analyze the significant capital supervision of Lamiya Silks by simply considering the annual report of two years. The financial statement explains the trend analyzes plus the ratio analyzes along with the relative balance claims.

Working capital is among the most difficult economical concepts to understand for the small-business owner. In fact , the word means various things to a lot of different people. By simply definition, working capital is the volume by which current assets exceed current liabilities. It involves the relationship between a firm's short term assets and its short-run liabilities.

Cash needed for short-term needs and for the purpose like repayment of income and other day to day expenses are known as seed money. The goal of seed money management is always to ensure that the firm has the capacity to continue its operation which it has satisfactory cash flow to fulfill both maturation short term debt and forthcoming operational bills. Working capital can be primarily focused on inventories supervision, receivable managing, cash supervision and payable...


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