UGB 229 Task Feb 12-15

 UGB 229 Assignment Feb 15 Dissertation

п»їUniversity Of Sunderland


UGB 229: Advertising Management 2014/2015


Title: Individual Report: An Airline

Weighting: 100%

Submit Deadline: Week Commencing twenty third February 2015

Word Depend: 3, 500 words


Understanding Based Final results:

1 . Comprehension of the key issues in controlling marketing businesses within an organisation 2 . Comprehension of the tools and techniques employed by marketing managers in producing and handling their approaches, plans and operations several. Understanding of the value of, and mechanisms pertaining to, control and evaluation inside marketing supervision 4. Understanding key tendencies in advertising management

Abilities Based Outcomes:

1 . Examination of information and/or a situation

2 . Problem solving and decision making

several. Reading, synthesising and reporting of current marketing supervision topics

You are strongly advised to carefully go through all guidance


Your Task:

Select a passengerairline with a existence in the UK. You are to undertake research into your chosen aircarrier and the sector within which in turn it runs. Produce an individual report through which youanalyse and evaluatethe airline's marketing strategies, activities and techniques.

It can be expected that you'll support your analysis:

with evidence (such as, illustrative examples of what the organisation happens to be doing, data, relevant citations from referenced sources, etc) by applying relevant marketing equipment and techniques to support the analysis byproviding a clear insight into the contribution of marketing to the success from the organisation.

You are advised to shell out particular attention to the learning outcomes to ensure that you are satisfying them in your job.

Provide an specific report in which youdemonstrate, through the application (not description! ) of relevant theory and facts, how your selected organisation has adopted the marketing strategy and the contribution that this makes to the organisation's success. You are expected to address the advertising mix and other relevant advertising practices in the work.


The work posted for analysis must be unique – if there is evidence of any work which is not wholly owing to you, the University's insurance plan on Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism will be applied.

You are required to send assessed sort out ‘Turnitin'on LiveCampus prior to submitting it in JIRA.

Submit a soft replicate of your function along with the‘Turnitin' invoice to JIRA. You are strongly recommended to ensure that you maintain a copy of your work.

The penalty for non-submission of assessed function with Turnitin is usually that the mark is definitely withheld, and the assessment table may consider the work to have failed.

You may send drafts through ‘Turnitin' just before submission to build reports. The last submission before the deadline will probably be deemed as the final distribution for examination purposes. You should be aware it could take up to a day for a ‘turnitin' report to make after the initially submission.


The put together marking criteria and grading framework can be provided overleaf


The assessment needs to be referenced using the Harvard approach to referencing and include a list of references by the end of the analysis The job is in one particular part and counts pertaining to 100% from the overall component mark. The University's Restrictions concerning Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism apply to this job



very first (70+%)

An excellent assignment. This demonstrates a high level of understanding of the learning effects. The work provides evidence of significant understanding of advertising management theory and its app to the chosen organisation. Most decisions happen to be logical, coherent and totally justified and explained succinctly and cogently. The display is of an excellent00 standard...


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