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Malaysia has been recognized by the world as a unit for various other plural societies. The concept of ‘unity in diversity' is always insisted by the market leaders. The concept has become supported while using ‘1 Malaysia' concept which can be introduced by the current Excellent Minister. The Malaysian authorities is always put efforts to guarantee the unity among the list of people as the unity is important for national unity. The national unanimity will ensure the country's abundance and the success will create national integration. The unity and integration is definitely the ultimate purpose of development. Unanimity can be defined as a process of creating a nationwide identity amongst various organizations that have variations in beliefs, nationalities, customs, politics, social, economical functions and placement into a personal entity.

PRECISELY WHAT ARE THE ROAD BLOCKS THAT EXPERIENCED BY THE GOV. IN IMPOSTING UNITY ABOUT ITS CITIZEN? Achieving countrywide integration is definitely not an convenient task, nevertheless efforts must go on. This is due to the existence of economic, cultural, cultural, non commercial and community view among the list of people. Therefore , the Malaysian government because the independence of the country offers put unlimited efforts towards achieving the countrywide integration. Generally speaking, there are 3 main obstructions that the country has to encounter and handle. They are prejudice and, communalism


Have you any idea what misjudgment is? That refers to the attitude toward others based upon evidences which is not concrete and may be incorrect. In Malaysia context, these kinds of pre-judgmental attitude still is present among contests even though much positive data is presented.


Communalism refers to the attitude of favouring one's individual ethnic group. This kind of feeling is also frequent in Malaysia. For example , the political functions that exist in Malaysia continue to be on ethnic base. UMNO represents the Malays, MCA and Operasi represent the Chinese, MICROPHONE represents the Indians and many others. Each personal party will certainly fight for the interests of its cultural. It happens near your vicinity where there couple of companies do not hire individuals who cannot speak certain language that is owned by one ethnic group.

WHAT APPROACHES SO NOW BY THE GOV. IN REACHING THE UNITY AND INTERGRATION? The federal government of Malaysia is very significant in achieving the national unity and integration. Many methods have been submit to get over the obstructions and difficulties. Among the approaches are:

2. Introducing national ideology

* Impose of National Support

* New Economic Policy

* National Education Policy

* Promoting the utilization of national language

* Personal parties alliance

National Ideology (Rukun Negara)

One of the politics approaches taken by the government is introducing nationwide ideology. The ideology was made by National Consultative Council after the ethnic riot of 13 Might 1969 during the time the country was under the guideline of MAGERAN. On thirty-one August 70, it was declared as a nationwide ideology. Its aim is usually to instil one common spirit and identity among the list of people also to strengthen the unity among the list of people. The national ideology has five principles:

(i)Belief in The almighty

(ii)Loyalty to King and Country

(iii)Nobleness of the Metabolic rate

(iv)Sovereignty from the Law

(v)Courtesy and Decency

In general, the objectives of the national ideology are:

(i)To achieve a higher unity among the people

(ii)To maintain democratic way of life

National Service

Develop a young era who are patriotic and with take pleasure in and faithfulness for their region Enhance oneness among the multi-racial communities near your vicinity

New Financial Policy (NEP)

NEP can be an economic way by the federal government. It was introduced in 1970 after the racial huge range of 13 May 1969. The main reason that caused the riot is because of economic explanation in which there was wide economic gap involving the races specifically between the Malays and China. The NEP is considered as an economic creation and nationwide unity programme in a multiracial society....


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