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IPDA/G3/1/01 Training for Service Paper and Presentation out dated 3 Sep 12. PBB MAL Phase 4 (Provisional 2010).


1 . This kind of service daily news is a Fight Study in the Liberation of Constantinople. The Liberation of Constantinople is definitely referring to the changing by Christianity to Islamic period between Eastern Roman and Ottoman Disposition.


installment payments on your The aim of this service conventional paper is to talk about the elements that lead to the successful Freedom of Constantinople.


several. The scope for this newspaper will cover the following topics:

4. Introduction.

five. Aim.

six. Background, the brief good Constantinople.

six. The Fights of Constantinople.

almost eight. The Challenge.

9. Preparation.

10. Predisposition and Strategies.

11. The Final Battle -- The Duress of Constantinople.

12. The ultimate Assault.

13. Aftermath with the Battle.

14. Internal and External Factors Lead to the Success.

12-15. Man.

18. Machine.

18. Method.

18. Conclusions.

nineteen. Lesson Learnt.

20. This service paper is to go over the elements that business lead on liberation of Constantinople. This conventional paper does not give attention to any particular battle throughout the campaign, because they are similar in nature.

BACKDROP the short history of Constantinople


twenty one. Constantinople started in 330 AD for ancient Byzantium as the brand new capital of Roman Disposition by Constantine l. It had been the largest and wealthiest European city which will shared the glories in the Byzantine Disposition. It was taken in 1204 by the army with the 4th Mission, in 1261 by Jordan VIII and in 1453 by the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II. A first wall structure was constructed by Constantine I and was between a twice wall hiding 2 kilometres on their west which has been started simply by Theodosius II during the 5th century. The city was constructed on eight hills surrounded by the Gold Horn plus the Sea of Marmara thus presented while impenetrable castle enclosing magnificent palaces, domes and podiums. The Chapel of Hagia Sophia, the sacred structure of the emperors the hippodrome and the Golden Door were among the largest of the numerous churches, general public edifices and monuments lining the arcaded avenues and squares.

22. Constantinople was sacked in 1204 and 1453 of its imaginative and fictional treasure and was virtually depopulated because it fell for the Ottoman Turks but retrieved rapidly. It absolutely was embellished numerous mosques, castles, monuments, fountains, baths and other public complexes by the Ottoman sultans. 1

Figure 1 . Area of Interest



3. Series of Struggle. The Fall of Constantinople occurred about 29 May possibly 1453 after a siege which in turn began in 6 The spring 1453. It was part of the struggle between Subtil and Ottoman Wars from 1265 to 1453. Ahead of this, a large number of battles happened during several era as follows:

a. Khalifah Uthmaniyyah Uthman I by 1280 to 1324M.

w. Urkhan We from 1281 to 1361M.

c. Murad I from 1326 to 1389M.

g. Bayezid My spouse and i from 1360 to 1403M.

e. Muhammad I coming from 1382 to 1421M.

farreneheit. Mehmed 2 from 1404 to 1451M.


24. Ascending towards the Ottoman throne in 1451, Sultan Muhammad II (Mehmed II) made preparations for capturing Constantinople, which has been badly eroded after it was captured in 1204 (during the Fourth Crusade), through the building of one on the European banks known as Rumeli Hisari. two During the spring and summer season of 1452, he also built another fortress many miles north of Constantinople on the Western side, straight across the strait from Anadolu Hisari. After that, he made an armistice arrangement with other neighbouring countries and researched the plan of Constantinople every night for two years.

twenty-five. After learning that Mehmed II was preparing for an attack, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI, appealed to Western European countries for support with 7000 armed guys in protecting walled metropolitan areas. Constantine likewise attempted to mollify, pacify, placate the Sultan with products which...

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6. Felix Y. Siauw. MUHAMMAD AL-FATIH 1453. Jakarta Barat, second Edition 2011.

7. Lt Kol Hj Mohd Anas bin Hasan.


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