Stolen Her Harrison Notes

 Stolen Anne Harrison Records Essay

Quotes/EVIDENCE pertaining to Stolen Anne Harrison:

1 ) " No longer need no home of me personally own. Received enough to do”- Ruby. 2 . " I bring my home with me”- Sandy

a few. " I'm gonna be a grandmother”- Shirley

4. " I want my mummy”- Dark red

5. " Where are you”- Ruby

6. " Think about my fish”- Sandy

7. " Soft sand, run….. Constantly on the run”- Sandy's mum and Soft sand 8. " It's the only time We've ever noticed a dark baby go blue”- Sandy's aunt 9. " Willy?... Jimmy! ”- Jimmy and Anne

12. " My spouse and i promised to never tell”- Dark red

11. " I'm returning for you… I love you Ruby”- Ruby's mum doze. " The mother's not coming. She is dead” – Matron to Jimmy 13. " We wanna go home”- Jimmy

14. " Sorry ma'am”- Ruby

15. " Get it done for me, Ruby” –Authority physique. Ruby must " clean, wash, prepare, scrub, doctor, mop, store, iron” 18. " no longer want simply no trouble”- Ruby

17. " You do try so hard”

18. " Oh Dark red, Ruby, just how many times possess I told you? ”- Lady 19. " You soiled Abo”- Arsehole

20. " Shut up about my personal mother. My personal mother's dead”- Jimmy 21 years old. " Leave me alone”- Jimmy

twenty two. " Allow him to go, allow him to go, let him go”- Jimmy's mother twenty-three. " Anne, we've brought you as one of our own”- create father twenty four. " We have given you everything”- foster mother

25. " Don't you enjoy all we've done”- create father twenty six. " Yet we're the real family”- Black words

27. " Who do you think you are” – Grayscale white tone 28. " Do I say…. Where have you been all my your life? ”

30. " I know I'm gunna cry”- Jimmy's mother

40. " Will certainly he like me? Will he love me”- Jimmy's mom 31. Nancy pulls the twenty six reveals from from the box… collapses and passes away 32. " Sis we have come to take you home”- Sister

thirty-three. " You've got to be joking”- Sandy

thirty four. " That they kept expressing she was dead… yet I could experience her spirit”- Jimmy thirty five. " Without one is likely to take her from me”- Shirley

36. " Hey We don't have to run away any more.. Wooha I'm going- home”- Soft sand 37. " Either way, I like them both”- Anne

32. " Now i'm finally gonna meet my personal mother”- Jimmy

39. " And I'm gonna catch that fish”- Sandy

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