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At the 10th Nigerian School Games in 1984, 257 athletes from 17 of the 24 Nigerian universities were interviewed to ascertain their understanding and ranking of the challenges influencing the development of sport at Nigerian educational institutions. Thus, many problems of university athletes, especially about the administration, educational education, training programs and the lack of materials and recruiting, were reported. As a result of this study 14 recommendations are listed to enhance university athletics and, by doing so, sport generally in Nigeria. Thus, that they demand a noticable difference of physical education in secondary schools, the business of departments of physical education in any way universities and better features and more recurrent competitions to get university sports athletes. • CiteULike

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Sport is made for the individuals and vice versa. In fact sport has been referred to as the opium of the people, as it can make them forget their very own worries, challenges and sorrows as well as reduce their opponents. No wonder then that many government authorities all over the world possess usually used sport as a way of unifying the people during times of work, rebellion or uprising. Sport can also be used to galvanize the populace to support policies and legislations that will have in most cases been rejected. Multi-ethnic communities where their particular constituent cultural groups are always at daggers drawn with one another can also use sport, as a way of inculcating cooperation, companionship and very good neighbourliness in their citizens. Every one of the abovementioned, happen to be possible mainly because sport is probably the most powerful social integration force accessible to individuals, establishments, governments and so forth

‘Citus, Altius, Fortius', meaning ‘Faster, Bigger, Stronger' – the slogan of the Olympics - skillfully describes for what reason sportsmen/women from most nations around the world of the world gather every jump year to contest in several sports with the Games. The contest is usually very remarkable and eager, and it is the wish of each and every nation to win a lot of laurels during the Games. Towards this end, no natural stone is usually kept unturned because, sports, especially on the intercontinental competitive front has gone past mere competition between persons or sets of individuals addressing their nations around the world. The countries now experience competitions to win and, a lot of money, energy and approach go in to assure victory.

The reason is , sport has changed into a powerful and veritable politics tool. Hence, it is not surprising that nowadays one of the biggest and most effective springboards with which nations or perhaps individuals can perform world eminence is through active, purposeful and result-oriented participation in sport with the international level. Developing international locations of the world without the pecuniary, staff members and armaments' prowess of super forces have always managed to use sport to raise their very own ‘tiny' sounds when important points are manufactured or desired in the intricate and ever before becoming complex political arena.

Take for example Nigeria; she spearheaded the taking out of racisme in Zimbabwe and South-Africa. Probably the most highly effective weapon used by Nigeria and her allies, was sport. The exclusion of Intercontinental Games such as the 1978 Earth Games in Edmonton and the 1976 Olympics in Canada championed by Nigeria, went a considerable ways in smashing the backbone of ‘apartheid' policies as well as ‘unilateral declaration of independence'. People have also applied sport to limelight societal problems or gain politics despotism. The " Dark power Salute” of the South america 1968 Olympics readily comes

to mind. Around the local landscape in Nigeria, the likes of Late Chief Meters. K. To. Abiola, Primary Jim Nwobodo (former Staff Manager of the Rangers Foreign Football Club of Enugu), Chief Samuel Ogbemudia (the sporting-Governor of the Aged Midwest State), Senator Osakwe (proprietor of the...



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