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Migrants and Asylum seekers in the USA

Gerardo Garcia

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Vicki Sowle

April 04, 2011

Migrants and Asile in the USA

One of the major options for growth in the United States is due to the immigration. Additionally there is a big tradition change the United States goes through because of immigration. Refugees in America has no big influence on culture as the migrants has, nevertheless refugees happen to be settling in america and are getting part of the tradition. Refugees will be those people that are forced out with their country because of fear or perhaps because of personal safety due to political, armed forces, or monetary hardship (Aday, 2003). The immigrant is definitely not forced out but instead believes that coming to America will have a much better future for themselves and their people. What happens challenging immigrants and refugees is that when they arrive to the United States they have their particular customs in religion, social backgrounds and different behaviors which it does affect America in some way. Cultural improvements are recently been accepted a lot more because of the expansion that foreign nationals have in the United States the data is has been increased every year. We could look at the migration and refugees history in the us to see that each year presently there the amount of migrants and political refugees is growing. In respect to book the U. S. Bureau of the Census reports signifies that every ten years there is significant increase on immigrants and refugees. Indicators1961-19701971-19801981-19901991-1998

Total Numbers

Immigrants3, 321, 7004, 493, 3007, 338, 1007, 605, 077

Refugees 212, 843 539, 4471, 013, 620 914, 989

If we look at the statistics the quantity has migrants has increased dramatically in the last ten years around six. 6 , 000, 000 of immigrated persons in america (pg 52). This quantities reflect immigrants who has legal documents and are also consider legal to live and work in america. The other side is the fact there is moreover estimated half-million persons who also immigrated in america but have no legal paperwork to live or perhaps work in the usa with the vast majority of to whom were coming from Mexico (U. S. Bureau of the Census, 1999e).

In the recent last three years the numbers is growing even more, here are the statistics: The Legal Long term Resident Flow: Fiscal Years 2008 to 2010: 2010 2009 08

Total Numbers1, 042, 6251, 130, 8181, 107, 126

New Arrivals 476, 049 463, 042 466, 558

Adj of Status 566, 576 667, 776 640, 568

The information is only for immigrant but not refugees and is also based on new immigrants and immigrants that are changing their particular legal position (U. S i9000. Department of Homeland Secureness, 2010).

Asylum seekers are not regarded immigrants because they were initially admitted in the United States as refugees. Instead the refugees are allowed to seek long lasting residence if perhaps they are entitled to some type of Work established by the federal government like Cuban Refugee Action (1966), the Indochinese Retraite Act (1977), and the Asylum Parolee Take action (1978), (Aday, 2005). Another Refugee Act of 80, it describes refugees as asylees. We have a difference on Refugees and Asylees because Asylees may stay in the usa without a long lasting residence with only a great indefinitely short-term status and these people are allowed to work and live in the United States. But you will discover few distinctions then the refugees these people will not be allowed almost any medical authorities assistance just like Medicaid. Because of this most of the asyless do transform their status to asylum seekers.

Depending on the years that the universe is having the immigrants can come from that particular part of the world. The highest location the foreign nationals come from is North America and second to North America is definitely from Asia. There are additional countries that immigrants and refugees comes from but not while notable as North America and Asia. To get...

References: Aday, L. A. (2003). At risk in America: The and healthcare needs of vulnerable masse in the United States. (2nd ed. ). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Department of Homeland Secureness, March 2010: U. H. Legal Everlasting Residents 2010, http://www.dhs.gov/files/statistics/publications/gc_1301497627185.shtm

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U. S. Committee to get the Refugees and Foreign nationals, 2011



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