Social-Networking-Sites-Affect-One’s-Academic-Performance-Adversely Dissertation




A Group Paper

presented for the

UST College of Breastfeeding


Being a Partial Satisfaction of the

requirements of the subject

General Psychology


Published to:

Mister. Jose Ricarte B. Origenes

Submitted by simply:

Kimberly Banquil

Charles Allen Burce

Nicole Allyson Chua

Sittie Norhanisa Dianalan

Gemeile Ann Leaño

April Rose Matienzo

Monique Ann Rivero

Nikka Ursula Timog

October 19, 2009


We extend our sincerest appreciation to Teacher Jose Ricarte B. Origenes of the College or university of Nursing, for his constant support, guidance and motivation, who also helped the group greatly in doing this job. The job provided us with a way to understand the fundamentals of exploration methods much more and apply them in everyday life. The insistence in taking up a socially relevant topic like the use of social networking sites help ed us to comprehend the psychology of the persons using these websites better and correlate the research to human being behavioral factors.

We as well would like to thank our participants for supplying us all their valuable as well as providing us with the information needed to accomplish the research efficiently.





A. Aims


B. Significance of the Study

a few

C. Meaning of Terms



The Nature of Social Networking Sites and Low Educational Performances


Data Supporting the Claim that Social Networking Sites Affect One‟s Academic Performance Negatively


a few


Data Against the Claim that Social Networking Sites Influence One‟s Academics Performance Adversely



Comparison of both the Opposing Info



Implications with the Study to Adolescents as well as the Society generally speaking










Social networking websites are being used frequently my thousands of people. The use of social networking sites has been widespread that they have not only caught the attention of academic and industry research workers worldwide yet also us, in particular. Social networking sites are now being looked at by several social science researchers and an increasing number of academic commentators have become more and more interested in studying Facebook, Twitter, and also other social networking solutions, because of their potential impact on society.

While the social networking sites have the same crucial aspects, the cultures and response t around them that become noticeable are different. Most sites help other people connect with other folks based on shared personal passions, political and economic landscapes, or simply activities. Some sites accommodate distinctive viewers, and some attract people based upon similarities, just like common 'languages' or distributed racial, lovemaking, religious or perhaps nationality-based identities. non-etheless, social networking sites have just one common aim. It is to motivate new ways to communicate and promote information.

Many students have been blaming several social networking sites for his or her steady decrease in grade level averages. This emergent phenomenon aroused all of us to check into social networking sites and why that they affect fellow students‟ academic performances.

The point population in this research was defined as the scholars who constitute the major portion of users of these social networking sites. This was completed have a better insight into your research as the prospective population was one of the most enthusiastic users of those sites and can provide extraordinary responses. Even the understanding of the questionnaire was easy for them as they

were familiar with the sites and are clear about the reasons they use that for as well as the various problems that they now encounter because of the effects of using these kinds of social networking sites....


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