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Astronomy Review


5. The questions will be similar in format to the initial quiz there were in physics. For most queries you can pick the most appropriate method to answer, paragraphs, point form, calculation, visual organizer.

Major ideas to understand:

5. The Big Hammer Theory

* The Nebular model

* The galaxy

* The solar system (including the planets)

* Ranges in space

* The Sun (layers and solar power events)

5. General real estate of stars (luminosity, heat)

* H-R Diagrams and what they mean

* Two styles of telescopes (reflecting & refracting)

* The real key scientists (Ptolemy, Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Hubble, Halley, Hawking & Oort) **Those in bold have already been covered since the winter break and will be the main focus of the quiz.


Learning science is much like studying a new language. Like the terms by before the getaway we have studied more than forty five new terminology words this unit. You should really understand and appreciate these terms. You need to be in a position to read a question that includes the text and understand the meaning of the question. Review vocabulary frequently; do not make an effort to memorize the vocabulary the night before!

Level 5–6 Questions:

* Bear in mind these inquiries will generally include something new that you have not seen ahead of, but that you need to be able to response from everything you have learned in the lecture. * The main element to your answer here is that you will be showing a depth of understanding of the scientific principles that we have discovered. * In practicing to get level 5-6 questions to generate comparisons between different matters we have discussed. See where similarities and differences rest. Which of these do you think is really important and for what reason. Ask yourself if you know why and exactly how things happen the way they do. If you be familiar with whys and hows you ought to be well placed for the level 5-6 questions. * Remember this kind of exam covers both products. These models are related so you...


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