Samacheer Kalvi British Qns

 Samacheer Kalvi English Qns Essay



Class Times


Time: 2

Several hours


Maximum. Marks: 75



(1) Choose the appropriate synonym from the underlined term: [5x1=5] Even while a child Bharat had appreciated playing with stones. He would place one over the various other and produce a rising (i) structure. He loved to help the workers when they refurbished (ii) a family house on his streets and would try to figure out (iii) the master plan of the house. At this point as a guy, he runs his personal construction company which is involved in the exacting (iv) operate of building office buildings and customer houses intended for large intercontinental companies. These companies are convinced that his accomplishment (v) is the best that is available in the metropolis.






(a) Wounding

(a) repaired

(a) calculate

(a) tiring

(a) skill

(b) rising

(b) constructed

(b) understand

(b) perfect

(b) achievement





















(2) Choose the appropriate antonym of the underlined word: (5x1=5) In addition to the two Globe wars, the 20th hundred years saw many (i) local wars which were full of brutality (ii) with an irreverent (iii) attitude towards lifestyle in general. Yet , with the world economy having improved in the 21st century we tend to think we are

living now like a privileged era with

a more comfortable treatment and less battles. But are we really a happy lot? Can we not move in stress (iv) whenever we notice of a explosive device blast in a public place and are we all not deeply worried once we hear of kidnappings and murders intended for material gain? We will certainly, and can be, a privileged (v) generation only if all of us help to make a significant attempt to admiration human existence and aim at living in peacefulness, harmony and contentment with each other, without dread and without ill-will or hatred towards any individual.












a large number of





(b) no

(b) dignity

(b) thoughtful


(b) empowered






















Answer any kind of ten from the following


3. The most popular expansion of CCTV can be

a) Incurred channel television

b) Shut channel television set

c) Closed-circuit television

d) Checked-circuit television

4. Select the sentence that is correct in the meaning:

a) We will certainly set sail to get Japan next week,

b) We all will set sale intended for Japan in the near future.

5. Substitute the underlined word using its equivalent American English word: If you take the lift towards the tenth flooring you will find the workplace you are looking for in your right.

6th. Which with the words provided below can be placed after the word car to form a substance word?

a) street

b) park

c) house

d) top

7. What is the plural sort of the word ‘locus'?


b) loci

c) locae

8. Attach a prefix to the word ‘taken' from the list given below to complete the sentence.

Your woman was __taken for his mother because the child viewed just like her. a) un-

b) en-

c) mis- d) dis-

9. Change the underlined word inside the sentence with one of the phrasal verbs given below to convey a similar meaning.

I will search the dictionary for the meaning of the word.

a) look upon b) look up to c) search for d) take a look at

10. Distinct the syllables of one of the following following words: a) culture

b) monument

c) duties


14. Choose the ideal word to generate a meaningful phrase: He loves to ________ his favourite TELEVISION SET serial the full hour. a) see b) watch

12. Construct a sentence using one of the words provided below: a) serious


c) earnestness

13. Reframe the sentence using the underlined term as a action-word: The instructor gave a definition of the formula with an illustration. 18. Which from the two paragraphs given below...


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