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Luneta, or literally small moon, is a 58-hectare famous park overlooking the famous and stunning Manila bay, located at the absolutely no kilometer tag in the midst of a busy and growing city. For most decades, it was used by the Spaniards as execution environment for Philippine rebels and mutineers. Through the years, it has carry witness to deaths injudiciously delivered. Currently, through a lot of restoration and renovation works, it is now one of the treasured attractions in the country. It is currently a site of heritage jewels that shows the abundant tale of Philippine history and its devoted characters. RECORD

The history of Rizal Park began in the early 1800s during the The spanish language rule. Though Manila's interpersonal and organization activities had been confined within Intramuros, a small area merely south with the walls was cleared to avoid sneak problems from the patriotic natives. The area was designed like a little moon (lunette), thus it was named Luneta. The Recreation area was also called Bagumbayan (New Town) during the Spanish colonial era. Over time, the park has been the site of one of the most significant moments in Filipino history like the execution of Dr . José Rizal; Announcement of Filipino Independence by American regulation; and the personal rallies of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino.

Upon September 28, 1901, the Philippine Assembly approved Work No . 243 -- an act " granting the right to use community land after the Luneta in the city of Manila where to erect a statue of Jose Rizal”. After more than twelve years after the authorization of the action, the shrine was finally unveiled upon December 31, 1913 during Rizal's 17th death wedding anniversary.


Rizal Recreation area is surrounded by Burgos Street, Taft Avenue, Roxas Avenue, and T. M. Kalaw. Going there is convenient because of the accessibility to different kinds of the. One could conveniently get to Rizal Park simply by riding a taxi (flagdown rate is in P40). You can also drive a jeepney bound to get Taft Opportunity (if by Monumento and Manila, Baclaran (if via Lawton/City Corridor area), Quiapo (if from Cubao and EDSA-Taft MRT Station), or perhaps Divisoria (if from Taft Avenue or SM Nearby mall of Asia); and obtain down at one of the highways bordering Rizal Park. You possibly can also ride the LRT1 Yellow Collection (accessible through jeepney voyages or moving from the MRT or LRT2) going to Taft Avenue, receive down at U. And. Station, and walk toward T. M. Kalaw. Do take preventive measures in crossing the road to get to Rizal Park and there is no people lanes. You can also get no signboards pointing to Rizal Park from the LRT1 station, therefore ask around in order not to lose your direction. Another option is usually to ride a FX certain for Sucat-Lawton or Quiapo and ask being dropped by Luneta or Rizal Avenue, respectively.

Rizal park is found at the Upper tip of Roxas Chaussee, at the heart of Philippine's capital, Manila. Within it is situated the most famous batiment of Rizal which is the actual park is most known for. Facing this batiment is where the Kilometer No or the 0 kilometres?f?r kilometre point is located, the starting place of all streets, cities, and places near your vicinity.

Aside from like a popular downtown park pertaining to unwinding and relaxation, Rizal Park oozes of history and culture coming from way back the 1800s, during the Spanish Age. This is what typically draws visitor to the recreation area whenever there are no different events timetabled to be held in the recreation area.

Rizal Recreation area is the terrain where Dr . Jose G. Rizal, one of the important men in the country's history, as well as the three Filipino priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora (collectively referred to as Gomburza) perished martyrs by the hands of the Spanish colonizers. A batiment was constructed in honor of Rizal, which has been a common photo-op for tourists and locals equally; it is also featured for most Philippine post cards. The batiment also keeps his is still....

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