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 risk management difficulties Essay

Dionne Russell



AUGUST 27, 2014



IntroductionThe aim of the term newspaper is an expression of how to recognize and have an understanding of methodology in the investigation regarding healthcare. This kind of study is made up of a series of retrieved peer-reviewed content as well as other explored information regarding methodology and background of teenage motherhood in America. The chosen peer-reviewed article for the study methodology was Teenage Being pregnant: Whitehead, Elizabeth. (2008). Exploring relationships in teenage motherhood. International Log of Nursing Practice, 14(4), 292-295. Depending on the data present in the content will help determine forms of labeling the problems, study factors, research concerns, the study type of the selected content, the purpose of the research, conceptual style, hypothesis, delete word related materials. Definition of ProblemThe crisis focused on from this editorial is teenage being pregnant. " Teenage pregnancy postures as a major public emergency both internationally as well as nationally” (Karnik & Kaneka, 2012, para. 1 ) ) The alarm of teenage being pregnant has developed into a governmental eminence requiring action to aid children and their families to reframe from sexual activity as well as more sexy sex methods. Some go through the reason for many teenage being pregnant cases will be due to peer pressure. You will find quite a few factors such as behavioral, environmental and genetics that enhance the possibility of early teenage pregnancy. The alarm of teenage motherhood has increased over the years as a result of changes in society. It is important to educate both the kids and parents on safe sexual techniques. The value to stop the epidemic of teenage pregnancy is to reduce the number of unplanned and undesirable pregnancies. Aim of Study

You will discover informational exploration forms and methods which were used to execute research upon childhood unhealthy weight, and the ways that parents and health care providers may prevent that. The study and studies have been completely and are executed on kids from babies to era 12. Childhood obesity is known as a growing concern for pediatricians and parents. You will find about 10% of children who are youthful than five and 2 years who will be obese. The research is to support resolve obesity in children/childhood obesity and help the health treatment administrators to find techniques to help struggle this disease with method measures. The reason for this study is to track down preventative steps for weight problems in children, and provide strategies to assist the medical professionals in providing proper care that is and you will be needed. Many of the research questions address ways in which pediatricians could prevent obesity by educating parents. Some of the questions were also directed at moms that breastfeeding their babies to maintain a healthy weight. Previous but not at all least, there have been questions regarding the sugared sweetened beverages which are given to children. The problem the study was conducted to resolve was the difficulties with obesity in children. This matter is important intended for health care facilitators to study since, the health proper care administrators need to find ways to stop and help father and mother of obese children to know the problems with obesity and also to educate the population about weight problems in kids as well as provide effective care. It has been found through analysis that obese children are twice at risk of having more reported medical, developing or mental conditions compared to other kids that are not obese. The hypothesis is determined by the CDC growth figure for the young people and done on infants that had been... Strunk, J. (2008). The effect of school-based wellness clinics in teenage being pregnant and parenting outcomes: An integrated literature review. The Journal of School Nursing jobs, 24(1), Gathered from: http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/10.1177/10598405080240010301 This study was carried out to...

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