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 Enrollment Program Essay


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1 . 1 History of the Analyze

The discovery with the computer was your great function of modern quality for different program to make work easier, even more capable, and even more adaptable for the humanity. It has brought a new standard of knowledge that became the new common in the industry. It made the school works more effective for students and provided path to communicate to entire the planet. Nowadays, pc based product is commonly used simply by every firm and organization and one of this is the electronic enrollment system.

Computerize Enrollment System is the must have system within a school. This can be a convenient way of storing and retrieving information of a college student that provides simpler way of signing up. Masville Nationwide High School is among the public educational institutions that used a manual method for registration system. Digital enrollment method is now used by the universities, colleges and other establishments. The group made a decision to create an enrollment system to lessen the workload of the registrar and staffs and give accurate info of learners when necessary. Electronic enrollment method is very useful for the firm and students as it rather give an effective and efficient procedure for both the students and universities. It is important in such a way that it gain not only to the scholars but the operations as a whole.


8145 Le Gath Bldg, Doctor A. Santos Ave, Sucat Road, Paranaque City

1 ) 2 Statement of the Issue

Masville National High School posseses an average of just one, 070 students every year. They may have computer operating but they don't have a system used wherein their very own job will become easier and convenient during enrollment period. For the 1st year pupils, they have a studying assessment in order to know which usually students ought to have for that section and for the students, they may just fill up a registration form and present it for the assigned instructors and their section is quickly posted in the bulletin board. Sections of the students are base on their overall performance based on the previous school year.

The following are the most popular problems that their manual program encountered:

• Long time period in covering enrollees

•Searching files or document from the enrolled learners,

uses too much of period

•Lot of papers had been used during enrollment

•Need for big place to retail store the present student's files


8145 Le Gath Bldg, Dr . A. Santos Ave, Sucat Road, Paranaque City

1 . 3 Declaration of the Purpose

One of the objectives of this study is to produce a program that will help the school produced their manual enrollment system to become a electronic enrollment program that will benefit not only the student's but since well because the administration.

These are the reasons why schools will need to use the suggested enrollment system:

•Lessens the time in helpful enrollees

•Can find the information or files of the students easily

•No need to photocopy the subscription form of each student


8145 Le Gath Bldg, Doctor A. Santos Ave, Sucat Road, Paranaque City

1 . 4 Opportunity and Limitation


This study aims to develop an enrollment system for the college, which allows to:

•Search the documents of the college students faster.

•Add new record of pupils.

•Edit present student's information

•Prints a list of signed up student.


The study restrictions on the following functions:

•Store only the following data of the students including first term, last name, central initial, section and yr level

•Use of the strategy is limited to primary, faculties and staffs selected to do the effort

•Personal details of present student's are totally prohibited to the school supervision...


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