Recognise the impact of bias, stereotyping and cultural problems within the community interpreting circumstance

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 Recognise the effect of bias, stereotyping and cultural problems within the community interpreting framework Essay

п»їTask 10(Learning end result 4)

Recognise the impact of prejudice, stereotyping and ethnical issues in the community interpreting context

3 of the types of prejudice or stereotyping in Task being unfaithful and identify what strategies/methods as a community interpreter might use to influence/educate agencies in overcoming these barriers. Write about what systems agencies already have in place to overcome these particular barriers.

Case in point 1: The Iranian Interpreter, how might you deal with this example in a professional manner?


Become familiar with a person on an person basis when you begin if you don't like them. You are not going to like everyone, nevertheless, you do need to value them because an individual and spend time with these people before you make a judgment. You have to realize that your way isn't in order.

Example two: People who came from an Arabic background and who also attended mosques were looked at differently. Which means that people you passed each day on the street were given a splendour. This is not reasonable treatment


Learn about diverse cultures and people to understand distinctions between your self and others. Whenever you learn more, you are able to relate to other people better even when differences are present. You need to go where you are inside the minority and experience what it is like to be in that scenario.

Example several: Many individuals have the view of a person with mental disease as somebody who is violence-prone.


Be sincere of variations. You need to be capable to agree to argue. Even if you have no eye contact with one another, you will as well as know that their attitudes and behavior. Actually need the right selections, to have cost-free will as well as the value. You should respect every single value just like disability, faith, and other features.


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