Rajkumare Article



To become a part of a dynamic and growth focused organization that will provide me a challenging job and chance for learning together with the latest technologies available and make the best use of the resources towards the achievements of the desired goals of the corporation.

Educational account:

Qualification: Diploma or degree in Digital & Communication Discipline: Electrical & electronics engineer Company: SURYA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE,

Vellamudi, Nagercovil-625008.

Draw %: 69%

Year: 2007-2009

Course: CCNA

Discipline: Networking Engineer

Signifies %: 93

Institution: N soft CCNE Center


Yr: 2011-2012

Program: Hardware Networking

Marks %: 74

Organization: Keltron (govt)

Trivandrum (Kerala).

Season: 1997-98

Course: Higher Second

Marks %: 56

Institution: Govt Of Kerala

Kayamkulam (Kerala).

Year: 2006-2007

Hobbies: Sociable Work, Sports, Computer -

Application, Designing.

'languages': English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil


Make an effort to level great for achieve the Goal, Responsible, Good organizer, Constant Improvement, Leadership Quality.

Extra Skill:

• Take part National Level Technical Conference, seminar WAVOS 2009 in the Event hide and seek at KLNCIT on eighteenth sep 2009

• Properly secured first place in event dexterity in C and Outlet in Nationwide Level Technological Symposium WAVOS 09 at KLNCIT on 18 a sep 2009

• Admin of the E-Tecosym 09 Countrywide Level technical symposium in PTR CET

• Get involved National level Technical Seminar INTUIT'09 in case DEBUGGING in KLN VOTRE on fourth sep 09

• Participate National level Technical Seminar INTUIT'09 in case Paper Display at KLN CET in 4th sep 09

• Won finest organizer and sponserer merit in E-Tecosym 09 National Level technological sysposuim for PTR VOTRE


|Name of industry |Duration of training |Area to train | |Tuticorin Thermal Power | 30days |Switchyard, Generator | |Station, Tuticorin | |Protection



Area of description: Embedded Based Fireplace Control in Robot & Keyboard.

Function Played: Task Head

[email protected] com

Computer Knowledge:

Different languages: C, C++, Dos

Operating-system: MS Business office, Windows 98, XP, Windows vista. Wind7, Wind8

Computer Hardware and Networking, CCNA level Network, Html




Naming: Electric& Electronic Engineer (P & M Dept. )

Duration: 3th may2009- 2013 to until date.

Job Profile:

• Assembly & dis-assembly of most types of hydraulic & crawler cranes.

• Protection / repairing of all types of hydraulic & crawler cranes.

• Specialization: Highly trained in power Trouble firing technique approximately 200Ton

Field of expertise: Highly skilled in electrical Problems shooting approach

Areas of Fascination

• Electric powered Machines

• Power Gadgets and Switchgear


My spouse and i consider myself familiar with Gadgets and connection Engineering...


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