Buy Absolutely nothing Day

 Buy Nothing Day Essay

Giovanna Ferrel


English language

A get nothing day time

In Canada upon November twenty-four they maintain a " Buy nothing at all day”. I agree with this, people are so easily consumed with new releases they no longer need. For instance , we head to fast food restaurants, when we include fridge packed with food in the home. We buy the Newest I phone, when we have older the one that works absolutely fine. Consumerism can be causing more harm to the earth than we could aware of.

People apparently forget, or perhaps ignore where these products they may be purchasing will be coming from. Consider Nike for instance , a multibillion dolor producing company which uses kid labor, kids as fresh as ten working in shoe factories help to make little money. Another company would be Victoria Secret, does anyone say they purchase fair trade cotton and forget to state an important fact that young children whom work throughout the day are picking this organic cotton and if they aren't working fast enough, their boss will defeat them. Child Labor is utilized to get a wide range of these wonderful products we are purchasing. The buy nothing at all day would help protest purchasing these products and trigger attention to just how serious people are about child labor.

One fact that the " buy practically nothing day” web page points out is a environment. About 20% of the world's populace is eating 80% of the environments natural resources. This can be causing damage to the environment, and is also an unjust distribution to the rest of the world. Also from all these industrial facilities constantly functioning, they trigger pollution, which can be damaging the planet earth.

On the day exactly where no one will buy anything media will cover this kind of and it would be a perfect the perfect time to point out terrible acts of those companies, protest how desperately it is influencing the economy. It may be hard but it's over a holiday when most people are at home anyways on the holiday. A day like this can be difficult to accomplish for a few people. But we should most keep looking at the bigger photo.


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