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Procedures Management: Procedures and Supply Restaurants, 10e (Krajewski et al. ) Section 1 Employing Operations to Compete

1) Operations managing refers to the direction and control of inputs that transform processes into products and services. Answer: TRUE

Guide: Operations and Supply Chain Managing Across the Corporation Difficulty: Convenient

Keywords: functions management, inputs, process, alteration

2) Being a functional part of a business, Operations translates materials and services into outputs. Answer: TRUE

Reference: Procedures and Supply Cycle Management Through the Organization Problems: Easy

Keywords: operations managing, inputs, process, transformation

3) The three main line capabilities of any business incorporate Operations, Fund and Advertising. Answer: AUTHENTIC

Reference: Functions and Supply Cycle Management Across the Organization Difficulty: Easy

Keywords: operations supervision, inputs, process, transformation

4) Support capabilities in an firm include Accounting, Human Resources and Engineering. Response: TRUE

Reference point: Operations and Supply Chain Supervision Across the Firm Difficulty: Convenient

Keywords: businesses management, inputs, process, alteration

5) A process involves changing inputs in outputs.

Response: TRUE

Research: A Process Perspective

Difficulty: Convenient

Keywords: procedure, inputs, outputs

6) Inputs to a method can include recruiting.

Answer: THE CASE

Reference: A Process View

Difficulty: Easy

Keywords: inputs, method, resources

7) Every process has a client.

Answer: THE CASE

Reference: A Process View

Difficulty: Easy

Keywords: process, buyer

8) A nested process refers to a process within a process.


Reference: A Process View

Problems: Easy

Keywords: nested method

9) With the level of the firm, companies offer simply services and manufacturers provide just items. Answer: PHONY

Reference: A Process View

Problems: Moderate

Keywords: manufacturing, services, similarity, merchandise, services

10) At the procedure level, it is much easier to distinguish whether the procedure is providing a service or developing a product. Response: TRUE

Research: A Process View

Difficulty: Average

Keywords: making process, services process, merchandise, services

11) In a support process, result can be inventoried.

Answer: FAKE

Reference: A procedure View

Difficulty: Easy

Keywords: manufacturing procedure, service method, inventory

12) Manufacturing techniques tend to be capital extensive, while service processes tend to be labor intensive. Solution: TRUE

Research: A Process Look at

Difficulty: Convenient

Keywords: manufacturing process, services process, capital intensive, labor intensive

13) Top quality is more very easily measured in a service procedure than in a manufacturing procedure. Answer: FAKE

Reference: A Process View

Difficulty: Moderate

Keywords: manufacturing method, service process, quality

14) Manufacturing techniques usually have extended response times when compared to service techniques. Answer: AUTHENTIC

Reference: A procedure View

Difficulty: Moderate

Keywords: manufacturing method, service procedure, response period

15) Exposure to the customer is generally higher within a manufacturing procedure than in something process. Solution: FALSE

Reference: A Process Watch

Difficulty: Convenient

Keywords: production process, service process, customer contact

16) A core process is actually a set of actions that delivers value to external customers. Answer: THE CASE

Reference: The Supply Chain Watch

Difficulty: Modest

Keywords: main process, source chain

Learning Outcome: Talk about operations and operations administration as a competitive advantage for the organization.

17) A supply string is the cumulative work of the firm's procedures. Answer: AUTHENTIC

Reference: The provision Chain Perspective

Difficulty: Convenient

Keywords: process, supply string

18) The supplier romantic relationship process picks the...


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