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PrintВ ArticleВ: В IndraВ SawhneyВ & В OthersВ Vs. UnionВ ofВ India

IndraВ SawhneyВ & В OthersВ Vs. UnionВ ofВ India

SourceВ: В http://www.

AuthorВ: В shashanktyagi

PublishedВ onВ: В FebruaryВ 19, В 2013

CaseВ PresentationВ OnВ

IndraВ SawhneyВ & В OthersВ Vs. UnionВ OfВ India

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WhenВ ourВ ownВ ConstitutionВ wasВ framedВ theВ framerВ ofВ the shashankВ tyagi

constitutionВ madeВ aВ specialВ provisionВ withВ intentionВ toВ provide GNLU

equalВ opportunityВ inВ theВ publicВ employmentВ toВ allВ theВ citizens В В Gandhinagar

withinВ INDIA. В TheВ sameВ wasВ insertedВ inВ theВ Art. В 16В ofВ the LL. M. В UGCВ­

IndianВ Constitution. В ButВ consideringВ theВ backwardВ classesВ a NETВ Dec2011

specialВ provisionВ wasВ insertedВ inВ theВ sameВ Art. В InВ clauseВ 4В i. e., inВ Art. В 16(4). В ThisВ sectionВ empowersВ theВ StateВ toВ makeВ a specialВ provisionВ forВ thoseВ backwardВ classesВ whoВ inВ the opinionВ ofВ theВ StateВ areВ notВ adequatelyВ representedВ inВ theВ serviceВ underВ theВ State. ButВ inВ theseВ connectionВ twoВ questionsВ reasonableВ exploresВ ourВ mindВ that: i actually. В WhoВ willВ beВ designatedВ asВ aВ backwardВ classВ peopleВ forВ theВ purposeВ ofВ thisВ section? В & ii. В WhoВ willВ beВ treatedВ toВ beВ inadequateВ inВ theВ employmentВ underВ State? BecauseВ thereВ wereВ noВ suitableВ answersВ ofВ theseВ twoВ questionsВ givenВ underВ theВ provisionВ of theВ Constitution. В ByВ takingВ thisВ advantageВ theВ rulingВ partyВ whoВ wereВ inВ theВ powerВ atВ Centre utilisedВ thisВ provisionsВ forВ theirВ ownВ politicalВ benefit. В ButВ thisВ caseВ (whichВ isВ alsoВ famously knownВ asВ MONDALВ COMMISSION'SВ case)В playsВ anВ importantВ roleВ toВ findВ outВ theВ answer ofВ theseВ twoВ questions. В SoВ itВ isВ veryВ importantВ forВ usВ toВ knowВ theВ fact, В issue, В findingsВ & judgementВ ofВ thisВ caseВ whichВ areВ goingВ toВ beВ discussedВ onВ subsequently. 2)В FactsВ OfВ ThisВ CaseВ: В­

Ø TheВ factsВ ofВ theВ casesВ wereВ asВ follows. В OnВ JanuaryВ 1, В 1979В theВ JANATAВ Government headedВ byВ theВ PrimeВ MinisterВ SriВ MORARJIВ DESAIВ appointedВ theВ secondВ Backward ClassesВ (ByВ aВ PresidentialВ OrderВ underВ ArticleВ 340В ofВ theВ ConstitutionВ ofВ India, В theВ first BackwardВ ClassВ CommissionВ knownВ asВ KAKAВ KALLELKAR'sВ CommissionВ wasВ setВ upВ on JanuaryВ 29, В 1953В andВ itВ submittedВ itsВ reportВ onВ MarchВ 30, В, 1955В listingВ outВ 2399В castesВ as sociallyВ andВ educationallyВ backwardВ onВ theВ basisВ ofВ criteriaВ evolvedВ byВ it, В butВ theВ Central GovernmentВ didВ notВ acceptВ thatВ reportВ andВ shelvedВ itВ inВ theВ coldВ storage)В CommissionВ under ArticleВ 340В ofВ theВ ConstitutionВ underВ theВ chairmanshipВ ofВ SriВ B. P. В MandalВ (MP)В to investigateВ theВ SociallyВ & В EducationallyВ BackwardВ ClassesВ withinВ theВ territoryВ ofВ INDIAВ & recommendedВ stepsВ toВ beВ takenВ forВ theirВ advancementВ includingВ theВ necessaryВ provision whichВ areВ toВ beВ requiredВ toВ beВ madeВ forВ themВ forВ theВ upliftmentВ ofВ theirВ statusВ byВ giving equalВ opportunityВ inВ theВ publicВ employment.

Ø The commission submitted its report on December,  1980 in this report the commission identified about 3743 castes as socially &  educationally backward classes&  recommended for reservation of 27% in Government jobs.

Ø In the meantime due to internal disturbance within the party the GOVT.  collapsed &  by thus it couldn't implement the recommendations made by MANDAL COMMISSION& after that the CONGRESS GOVT.  headed by the Prime Minister Smt.  INDIRA GANDHI came to the power at centre.  But shedidin't implement the MANDAL COMMISIONS report till 1989.  In 1989 the CONGRESS GOVT.  toppled due to the defeat of the general http://www.legalservicesindia. com/article/print. php? art_id=1457



PrintВ ArticleВ: В IndraВ SawhneyВ & В OthersВ Vs. UnionВ ofВ India


Ø After winning that election JANATA DAL again came to the power &  decided to implement the report of the commission.  After that then Prime Minister V. P. SINGH issued office of memorandum on AUGUST 13,  1990&  reserved 27% seats for the Socially & Backward classes.

Ø This cause effect in civil disturbance throughout the INDIA.  From various places anti Reservation movement rocked the nation for 3 months.  It results a huge loss of persons & property....


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