Personal Theory Paper

 Personal Theory Paper


Personal Theory Conventional paper

Natalie 3rd there’s r. Cook

The fall of 3rd, 2014

CJA 500

Joseph Maffia

Theory of Deception

It can be in my own theory i believe mind is more highly effective than nearly anything humanly possible. I think if we scare ourselves enough than each of our minds play tricks in us. A person who is sick that would require psychotherapy may actually have experienced a traumatic event that is making them believe that they are depressed, or packed with anxiety. I really believe this theory only from first hand experience. I think that if the person thinks they need remedy then they is going to in fact require therapy. The trick to this is the fact their brain is deceitful and they will not in fact want therapy at all. My sibling Maria experienced a tough component in her life exactly where she was seeing a doctor every week since she held feeling as though her cardiovascular system was going to explode. She worried herself in to believe that in the event she got any motion at all she would die. The lady had an panic attack shortly after each of our father died. Maria would not know what it was, but frightened her in believing there was clearly something wrong with her cardiovascular. Maria observed doctor following doctor whom told her a similar thing, she required to curve her thoughts of dying mainly because she was working her heart muscle to much, and this frightened her more. Maria thought moving aside would remedy her. The lady moved and hasn't a new problem since. If there is something truly wrong with her cardiovascular system, moving would not have been the cure. This is why I really believe in the theory of deceptiveness. A Theory I Correspond with

Behavioral Theory is I theory We most connect with. This is due to existence experiences with family. I am able to see behavioral theory being used in my own life. " A treatment that helps change probably self-destructing actions. It is also named behavioral modification or intellectual behavioral remedy. Medical professionals utilize this type of therapy to replace less than comfortable habits with great ones” (Healthline, 2005). I actually grew up within a dysfunctional relatives. My tiny sister Ariel was not regimented and resulted in learning and picking up bad behaviors. Having seen this therapy in our text I i am positive that if your woman were to seek behavioral therapy she would be become a better person and mother. My own whole life continues to be centered around my childhood and wanting to find more positive effects from my personal sisters. I believe this is why I am able to relate to behavioral theory one of the most out of theories and therapies we have studied regarding. A Theorist I Relate To

B. Farreneheit Skinner was a pleasure to learn about. A psychologist that studied patterns rather than minds. " Psychology should concern itself with the observable patterns of people and animals, not with unobservable occasions that occur in their minds” (Cherry, 2014). I believe this really is a great quotation because I actually honestly believe that our activities speak louder than words. Many may learn the brains of a person just through observation on behaviors. Skinner Also express " The attenuation or perhaps discontinuation of a response happens through punishment—either through positive punishment, which can be the introduction of an adverse consequence, including pain, or perhaps through unfavorable punishment, which can be the removal of an optimistic consequence, such as a toy” (Cherry, 2014). This quote by simply skinner variations my internal morals. I really believe punishment is exactly what everyone person needs that is learning. In the event that there are positive reinforcements then a person may curve all their behavior for the best. A Big Shock

When Studying the different hypotheses in class the largest surprise originate from how various theorist are involved and how far stretched and wide ranged these hypotheses can be. I knew that not everyone was alike but what surprised myself the most is that for every problem a person could have would mean a specialist using a several theory to take care of. I thought coming into course that a one who needed remedy sat within an office on a sofa referring to their complications. I was more wrong than ever, and I was thrown away when needs to...

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