Fresh air and Response

 Oxygen and Reaction Dissertation


Part My spouse and i: Reaction between iron and oxygen

Presence of steel wool after 20 moments From (relatively) shiny steel strips to not-so-shiny strips that are tarnished with darker, reddish-brown stuff.

Part II: Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

Appearance of potato and hydrogen peroxide mixture: Lots of light, foamy pockets around the spud slices.

Day 2


Part 3: Reaction among zinc and acetic acid

Presence of cent in white vinegar after 30 minutes: Pretty darker coloured. Quite hard to view Lincoln's mind or the Funeral.

Component IV: Response between the baking soda and vinegar

Information of what happened when the preparing soda and vinegar were combined Right away began foaming up and overflowing from your bowl. I also made a ziploc bag blow up too.

Questions and conclusions:

Portion I: Response between iron and oxygen

1 . Set a balanced equation for the reaction between flat iron and o2.

4Fe & 3O2 —> 2Fe2O3

2 . Classify the reaction that occurred between the iron and oxygen. Apply this a reaction to a actual situation.

It's oxidation. Air oxidizes from Fe to Fe3+. Concerning a actual situation, very well, rusting can be described as real-world application.

Component II: Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

1 . Write the well-balanced equation for the break down of hydrogen peroxide.

2H2O2 —> 2H2O + O2

2 . Write a balanced equation for another decomposition reaction.

Decomposition for birdwatcher carbonate: CuCO3 в†’ CuO + CO2

Part III: Reaction between zinc and acetic acid

1 . Write the well-balanced equation to get the reaction between zinc and acetic acid.

Zn(s) + 2CH3COOH(aq) —> Zn(OOCCH3)2(aq) & H2(g)

2 . Sort the reaction among zinc and acetic acid and explain, generally terms, what are the results during this form of reaction.

The reaction that's going on is a oxidation-reduction chemical reaction, also referred to as a single-displacement reaction. It's when an element or a great...


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