Operative Statement

 Operative Report Essay


Patient Name: Benjamin Engelhart

Patient ID: 112592 DOB: 10/05/65 AGE: 46 SEX: M

Date of Admission: 11/14/2012

Date of Procedure: 11/14/2012

Acknowledging Physician: Bernard Kester, MARYLAND

Surgeon: Bernard Kester, MD

Associate: Jason Wagner, PAC

Circulating Nurse: Jimmy Dale Jett, RN

Preoperative Diagnosis: Severe Appendicitis

Postoperative Diagnosis: Perforated Appendicitis

Surgical Procedure:

1 . Laparoscopic appendectomy.

2 . Placement of correct lower quadrant drain.

Ease: General endotracheal tube ease.

Specimen Removed: 1 necrotic appendix.

IV Fluids: 1700 mL crystalloid.

Estimated Blood Loss: 10 cubic centimeters

Urine Result: 300 milliliters

Complications: Probably none.



Affected person Name: Benjamin Engelhart

Patient ID: 112592

Date of Procedure: 11/14/2012

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INDICATIONS: This kind of gentleman is actually a 46 yr old Caucasian guy with a a few day history of abdominal pain. However , over the past 24 hours his pain is located to the proper lower sector and triggered a significant volume of anorexia. He presented to the unexpected emergency department. CT scan of abdomen and pelvis revealed acute appendicitis. Lab showed a WBC count of 13. The laparoscopic appendectomy procedure was explained combined with risks, rewards and likely complications. The individual voiced his desire to move forward. Patient was started on pre-op gentamicin.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The person was identified x a couple of in the preoperative holding location. A final periods was held together with the nursing support, anesthesia plus the surgical service during which the patients' IDENTIFICATION was affirmed and his operative site was initialed. He was given perioperative antibiotics; he was taken returning to the working room and placed in a supine placement. General AINSI QUE anesthesia was induced SCDs were positioned on his reduced extremities. His left arm was...


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