NVQ a few Unit 245

 NVQ three or more Unit 245 Essay

п»їUnit 4222-245

Understand the laws and plans that support

Individuals with learning disabilities (LD 201)

Result 1

1 ) 1Identify legal guidelines and policies that are designed to promote the human rights, inclusion, equivalent life possibilities and nationality of individuals with learning disabilities * Mental Capacity Action 2005

* Human Privileges Act 98 (became legislation in 2000)

* Proper care Standards Take action 2000

2. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (amended 2005)

* Equality Act 2010

* Nationwide Health Service and Community Care Take action 1990

* Organisational and local policies and procedures

* Codes of Conducts

1 ) 2Explain how these legal guidelines and plans influence the day to time experiences of individuals with learning disabilities and their families Those with learning afflictions have the same fundamental rights as everyone else. However , getting a work, an education, acquiring a drink as well as to the movie theater etc remains to be a struggle on their behalf. The laws and procedures that are in position are there to protect people with learning disabilities coming from discrimination. Simply by promoting and enforcing the information of the guidelines, policies and procedures, we could ensure that the individuals' standard of living is improved and independence is usually promoted. Outcome 2

2 . 1Explain what is meant by ‘learning disability'

The Division of Health in England define learning incapacity as a -" significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex data, to learn additional skills (impaired intelligence) along with a lowered ability to deal independently (impaired social functioning). ” It affects just how some people understand information and exactly how they connect 2 . 2Give examples of factors behind learning disabilities

* Human brain injuries/dysfunction

* Neurological disorder

* Concerns during pregnancy/birth e. g. alcohol, medications, lack of oxygen, premature birth... 2 . several


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