Nonverbal Experiments

 Essay upon Nonverbal Experiments

Nonverbal Experiments

Everyone will perform Experiment #1 – A Mute Stage

Choose three or more additional trials – the actual directions and possess fun!

1 . A silence point – We will certainly all do that on the same working day!

You can not speak for one entire day. Record your frustrations, your " oops” moments, reactions by others, and if any fresh revelations came to exist from not speaking. Be sure to wear your sign!

2 . Disregarding the Norm

Check out a crowded public space. Intentionally go against the grain in some manner. This could be walking around the shopping center with a singke hand raised above you head; browsing an escalator " backwards”; etc . You are accessible to doing anything that is not really the norm. Document what you performed and the reactions it acquired.

3. Distance experiment

Changing your proximity to someone whilst communicating can adjust the mechanics and the meaning you happen to be sending away. Stand in the " incorrect” proximity runs for what the communication could normally call for. For example – stand seriously close to somebody you are not inside the " intimate” range with. Stand even farther away from someone who you would normally be in their inner ring. Document a couple of of these circumstances with what you did and the reactions you still have.

4. The strength of the eye

Flirting without words at all can be very powerful. Choose your " subject” with care. In a crowded location such as the commons during lunch break, choose a person you do not understand and passade with associated with your eyes. Remember the two, 4 6 second increments. Smile and turn on the elegance (Do not go silly) Document everything you did and what their particular reaction was. Note their very own nonverbals, were they looking back? Do they look uncomfortable? You will need to speak with them to get the answers towards the following concerns.

BE GOOD – Make clear you were doing a interpersonal experiment for class and have if you can question them some concerns. 1 . Do they know that you were trying to " flirt”?

2 . For what stage did that they realize it?

Thank these people for participating.

5. Happen to be actions...


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