Nazi Germany Fb timeline 1918-39

 Nazi Germany Fb timeline 1918-39 Essay

Nazi Indonesia 1918 -- 1939

The fall of 1918:

Australia surrenders plus the Kaiser abdicates. Germany becomes a Republic. 06 28th 1919: Treaty of Versailles

Australia are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles (November Criminals), which usually many Germans describe as a ‘Diktat'. The Weimar Metabolic rate (rules) is to establish which makes Australia a democracy with a Chief executive, Chancellor and a Reichstag, elected by simply proportional rendering. January 4th to January 15th:

The Spartakist Uprising led simply by Communist Insieme Luxemborg and defeated by the Freikorps. 03 1920:

The Kapp Putsch supported by the Freikorps occurs. Led by simply Wolfgang Kapp who wished to overthrow the Weimar Republic to create a correct wing autocratic government. Rapidly defeated with a trade union strike.


French and Belgium troops invade the Ruhr over unpaid reparations. Unaggressive resistance then violence. The german language miners shortly went out on strike which in turn led to hyperinflation. 1923:

Hyperinflation crisis in Germany.

Hitler attempts the Munich Putsch but neglects and is sentenced to 5 years in prison. Only serves 9 several weeks. Writes Mein Kampf in prison. 1924:

Gustav Stresemann introduces the Rentenmark to get rid of hyperinflation and restarts reparations payments. He negotiated the Dawes Strategy with the USA which lowered and updated reparations and allowed big US loans. French troops leave the Ruhr.

Oct 1925:

Germany signs the Locarno treaty and renforcement international respectability. This confirms borders and allows Australia to join the League of Nations. 1926:

Germany allowed to sign up for the Group of Nations


Germany symptoms the Kellogg and Briand pact which will helped obtain international acknowledgement. 1929:

The Young Plan is introduced and that continues the task of the Dawes plan. March:

It truly is soon disrupted by the Wall Street Crash which will destroys the German overall economy. Unemployment increases.

October third 1929

Gustav Stresemann dies.


Unemployment reaches 3 , 000, 000.

Nazis gain 107 chairs in the...


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