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Marketing Objectives-


1- Overcome rivals (Lidl) on price for joyful food and drink (Smithers, 2014) (

2- Express brand value (spary, 2014)

Maximize availability (Hegarty, 2014)

4- Boost sales

5- Ramp up its " unique" cost, quality and value qualifications

Make interest among people (through books)

- IMC objective

Speak " neutralised" prices (Spary, 2014)

Communicate quality of food new opening paragraphs in product line (Harrison, 2014)

Make traction upon social media and EWOM by using hashtag #MakeChristmasSpecial

Generate WOM through celebrity TTL actions across the country #UnionJatMorrisons

To establish a powerful interest and engagement among the list of people (Solomon, et approach. 2012).


Fill (2008, p. 35) defined over a line advertising and marketing, a paid for advertising through a variety of media in broadcast and print forms.


TV SET Ad released for the first time through the prime time Coronation Avenue slot about Friday. (

#MakeChristmasSpecial TELEVISION SET Advert

Approach: Emotional Appeal, Informative, Fascination, Festive feelings

Elements: Language, Music, Color, Celebrity

Demographic: All Ages

Mass media: ITV 1, 2063 Daily Viewership (ABC 1) (Barb, 2015).


Daily Mail

(ABC 1) 2402

(C2DE) 1343 NET Reach


Internet banner ad

Digital- Morrisons #MakeChristmasSpecial


Use of draw strategy to motivate customers to look at Morrisons and produce their Holiday special

Make use of push technique to communicate rates and convey freshness of variety of goods

A mix of ATL, BTL and TTL actions to increase revenue


Through-the-line marketing requires that every facet of marketing maintain accordance with a clear and defined web marketing strategy. So just about every brand activity, be it a TV campaign or a money-off promotion, serves to re-enforce the common manufacturer objectives (Misra 2007, p. 28).

Smithers, 3rd there�s r (2014) Morrisons brings in Ant and December for ‘make or break' Christmas Offered from: [Accessed April 31 2015]

Spary, S (2014) View: Morrisons begins Christmas advertising campaign with Ish and December Available by:[Accessed April 31 2015]

Hegarty, Ur (2014) Morrisons to make availability key emphasis for Christmas Available coming from: [Accessed April 30 2015]

IMC strategy theory

Single oriented proposition: quality goods at affordable prices (Hansraj, 2014)


Fill (2008, p. 35) identified above the range advertising, a paid advertising by using a variety of press in broadcast and print forms. Fill up, C. & Hughes, G. (2007) CIM Coursebook Marketing Communications 07/08. oxford:  Buttlerworth - Heinemann.


Through-the-line marketing requires that all aspect of advertising be in agreement with a obvious and defined marketing strategy. And so every manufacturer...


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