Moral Responsibility

 Moral Responsibility Essay

Naina Navni

Professor Adams

UCWR 128

21 March 2010

Meaningful Responsibility

America would not always be where it really is without the regulations that have been located and the individuals who follow the laws. In order for this to take place the knowledge and acceptance with the laws are needed to establish order. Photography equipment Americans have been secluded during the past through tough laws of segregation. Although some believe disobeying the law is morally incorrect and if disobeyed a abuse should adhere to, Martin Luther King's profound statement, " One has the moral responsibility to go against unjust laws” (King 420) leads to increased justice for all those which is also maintained King's " Letter via Birmingham Jail, ” Jefferson's " The Declaration of Independence, ” and Lincoln's " Second Inaugural Addresses. ”

" I are in Luton because injustice is here, " wrote Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior., in his " Letter coming from Birmingham Jail" (King 416). Eight Alabama clergymen composed a statement urging restraint inside the Civil Rights movement and the discontinuance of demonstrations in Birmingham. The clergymen explained that improvement could finest be achieved through negotiation and through the courtroom system and suggested that direct action would simply make the situation worse. In answer to this assertion, Martin Luther King, Jr. composed his famous " Letter by Birmingham Jail” to explain so why he was active in detrimental rights demos, primarily due to failure with the courts and negotiation to address the issue of civil rights properly. One of King's most important and many extended quarrels begins with the distinction among just and unjust regulations. He begins by proclaiming one has a legal and a moral responsibility to abide by just laws and regulations. Conversely, one has a meaningful responsibility to disobey unjust laws. " I would believe St . Augustine that an unjust law is no law at all" (King 420). A distinction is manufactured that an unjust law is known as a human regulation that is not rooted in eternal law and natural rules and by comparison, any law...

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