Mnemonic Devices in CLSU

 Mnemonic Devices in CLSU Essay


Mnemonic Equipment in CLSU

Janrozl Campo

Mariel Moro

Central Luzon State School

March 18, 2014


Memorization strategies are often utilized in school particularly in the collegiate level hence this study identified which of the methods happen to be most employed and successful for students. Your research surveyed an overall total of 80 students from different universities of the university or college. The method discovered to be the majority of used and effective was Acronyms and Acrostics. Simpler methods of memorization were trusted as opposed to those that needed record, association and spatial knowledge.

Mnemonic Devices in CLSU

One particular important skill that students need today is the skill in mnemonic, a learning technique that aids info retention. Most if not all courses require the students to keep in mind terms, concepts, theories, remedies, etc . to be able to understand lessons and be able to move. Some pupils may have been undoubtedly using popular methods in memorization and some may possess modified a procedure for their own. This point kindled the idea that students may be familiar to a particular mnemonic device. The potency of the use of mnemonic devices in memorization and information retrieval has been probe in many research. One study showed a group that applied several mnemonic techniques in memorization perform better control organizations that applied contextual learning and free-learning styles (Levin & Nordwall, 1992). Yet , different mnemonic techniques' performance varies in different from diverse age groups (McAlum & Seay, 2010). Various studies demonstrated that mnemonic devices being a study technique can increase long-term memory retention (Legge, Madan, Ng & Caplan, 2012; Ng, Legge, & Caplan, 2010; Grin, in. d. ). These strategies have been utilized by Eight-time Community Memory Winner, Dominic O'Brien (" 1997 World Storage Championships”, 2014). The 06\ World Memory Champion, Clemens Mayer via Germany, employed a 300-point-long journey through his house for his world record in " number fifty percent marathon", memorizing 1040 unique digits in a half hour. Gary Shang has used the method of loci to memorize pi to 65, 536 digits (Raz, Packard, Alexander, Buhle, Zhu, Yu & Peterson, 2009). Thus, the objectives from the study will be: To find out if perhaps students know about the Mnemonic; to find out other mnemonic products used by the scholars; to find which is mostly used; and to find out which usually mnemonic system is most powerful for students. This study is going to contribute inside the increasing studies concerning storage and learning, and other research in mnemonic devices.



Participants from the study will probably be students in Central Luzon State University or college. A total of 100 pupils from several course disciplines will be purposively given the questionnaire. Twenty respondents shall be taken from each of the following classes Accountancy learners, Veterinary college students, Engineering college students, Literature Learners and Mindset Students. This will be done to assure stratification of the data. Info Gathering Treatment

Participants will probably be approached by researchers in their available time. After providing the set of questions the respondents will be given enough privacy or guidance for answering the items. Purposive sampling will be completed. Instrumentation

A research developed self-evaluation questionnaire will be given to the respondents. It is composed of three parts wherein the first parts simply examine the awareness of learners regarding the Mnemonic Devices, even though the second part asks them to enumerate their particular personal strategies in memorization and the third part demands the respondents to get ranking their well-known and used methods according to effectiveness. Analysis

The information will be protected and examined using the SPSS 20. The frequencies will probably be computed for the level of recognition regarding the Mnemonic devices. A similar computation will probably be done to assess the questions regarding the the majority of used method and...

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