Marketing Strategy for any Self-Storage Business

 Marketing Strategy to get a Self-Storage Business Essay

Marketing Strategy for a Self-Storage Organization


Mayra Ramirez, Alyson Voyles, Suzanne Guebara

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WK Purchases operates 4 self storage area facilities inside the Midland/Odessa place. These facilities operate because Loop two hundred fifty Self Storage area Center and Midkiff Self Storage Center in Midland, and as Western County Street Self Storage space Center and Grandview Self Storage Center in Odessa. While the company is the market leader in this area, we truly feel there are certain steps the company can take that will help equally maintain a market leader placement and possibly attract new customers. WK Investments at the moment has a solid market location as a innovator in the market. They do have bigger prices than the competition; nevertheless , the current situation allows these to be the price setter within their perspective marketplaces and their rates are validated with their superior products/services. In researching absolutely free themes that use the facilities generally, we suggest the following market segments to focus on: * Homeowners

* Tenants

* Vehicle Owners

* Renters

The web marketing strategy that we advise for the business is a approach of difference. We think that this approach is most effective for the company because their product is superior to competitors in the area. Mainly because we want to highlight the exceptional features of every single location as well as the superior services, we think that the difference approach works best for this business. After a mindful analysis with the company's buyer, the competition, and also other internal & external factors, we have produce various tactics to help improve WK investment's marketing strategy. В


We believe the particular self-storage centers offer the ideal storage features available. Yet , the Midland/Odessa self-storage market is a mature market. There is not quite definitely room for growth. Consequently , an intense marketing way is needed to goal customers and enable them know that their storage space needs happen to be unfulfilled. We need to analyze your competition to see that non-e of your present business is thieved while bringing in new customers. CONDITION ANALYSIS

Business Analysis

WK Investments strives to have high quality storage units compared to the competition. Their focus should be to target the feminine demographic with the selected concentrate on markets. Therefore making the facilities cozy for women and so they truly feel safe when on the house, especially at night. To achieve this, appropriate lighting is used as well as very soft music to aid create a comfortable atmosphere. The self-storage centers' culture is targeted on ease as well as a sense of peace. Prices may be slightly above that of your competition however , the prices are justified with the fact that customers have become what they pay for. There are several self-storage places which permit the company to serve an improved customer base than competitors with only one location. While the staff is qualified with the customer in mind, they could provide the best customer service obtainable. Customer Examination

Typical customers are home owners between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-five, generally married and living within approximately for five miles of the storage position. The majority of other customers are businesses, in possibly the support industry or a doctor's business office. Most customers utilize the storage units to store excess items. Some utilize them while they may be in the process of moving yet others use the units during a divorce. Based on studies performed by the company, the majority of customers...



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