Promoting plan

 Marketing plan Essay

1 ) Background

Innisfree is a normal brand that shares the benefits of nature from your pristine isle of Jeju allowing for radiant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life aid the balance of nature. Innisfree's snail mask, which is our new product, is marketing plan's character. Snail Mask is very popular and its marketplace growth can be stable since snail hide is very helpful to protect and repair the skin. Our target market is the central class as well as the reaches of customers are both girl and guy. Also, era distribution is all about 21 to50 years old. Besides, the competition in the marketing is usually come from several countries including Etude property, Nature republic in Korea, Shu uemura Shiseido in Japan and LancГґme, Estee lauder in the usa. Therefore , your competitors of marketing is quite competitive. installment payments on your The SWOT analysis


1) Our product's formula is unique – unlike other brands. 2) Employ 3 years intended for research and development this kind of snail cover up. 3) The ingredients of our snail mask will be in top quality.

4) Our company has many large-scale machines – we can have mass development. Weaknesses:

1) The value is large as the availability cost is large. 2) The package of your snail cover up is not really attractive.

3) We are not able to throw a lot of cash and methods of this product as our company has many other skincare items. Opportunities:

1) Rising of South Korean fashion – Hong Kong people are affected by the Korean series, pop music and idols. 2) Boost the confidence of purchasing Korean skin care products – good public reputation 3) Men today pay attention issues images and start to protect their very own skin through the use of skincare goods. 4) Hong Kong women's getting power about skincare products is excessive. Threats:

1) The rising rate of currency level (RMB) – the manufacturing cost become higher and larger as our factory is set in mainland. 2) The weather condition of Hong Kong is not as dry as To the south Korea. People may not work with our snail mask regularly. 3) Fashionable of the medical beauty treatment is rising – the regular masks are generally not attractive enough.

three or more. Target of sales revenue& market share

To start with, the snail mask costs $30 HK dollars every single and likely to sell three hundred, 000. Therefore; we expected to earn 1 ) 5 million for sales revenue. It is because the snail mask is new product, we do not expect a lot of in product sales revenue. As well, we anticipate that the snail mask have 5% available in the market share.

4. Describing the promoted item

First, Hydrating, skin brightening and renewing the skin cellular material are the 3 major factors that Hk people mostly concerned. Our snail hide has 80 percent of Snail Secretion Filtrate. This ingredient can help to increase the elasticity of skin successfully and rejuvenate the destroyed skin. Likewise, among all snail masks from other brands on the market, our item contains the top concentration of Snail Secretion Filtrate. And add kernel oil and aloe vera to be able to increase the water of the face mask, add milk for skin whitening. Second, Hong Kong persons like product in good quality and powerful. Although each of our snail mask's selling price is higher than other brands, we can make certain that our materials are organic and result from France so that the quality is safe and very good. Moreover, to get the newspaper mask, it can be specially formulated with 3D IMAGES technology. It offers perfect wearability to the face mask and allow the treatment essence quickly sink in to the skin. Third, Hong Kong people are very sensible of choosing goggles. Our company is a well known Korean skin care company and has great reputation. And that we also have branches in Hk. In order to gain consumers' trust, they can retrieve their cash if the item has any problems. Lastly, the requires of men maintaining their very own skin happen to be rising. Consequently , our product's unique solution can be match both mens and could skin. It is convenient and couples can maintain their particular skin with each other by using each of our mask.

5. The target consumer in HASTKRAFTER

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