Malcolm X Finding out how to Read Essay Z

 Malcolm X Learning To Read Essay Z

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LearnВ toВ ReadВ

LiteracyВ isВ aВ veryВ strongВ toolВ thatВ peopleВ couldВ useВ toВ becomeВ successfulВ inВ lifeВ andВ haveВ aВ flourishingВ future. В HavingВ aВ highВ standardВ ofВ readingВ isВ veryВ crucialВ inВ termsВ ofВ beingВ anВ articulateВ writerВ andВ speaker. В ThisВ happensВ inВ theВ articleВ " LearningВ toВ Read”, В MalcolmВ X, В aВ streetВ hustlerВ convictedВ ofВ robberyВ whoВ spentВ sevenВ yearsВ inВ prisonВ educatingВ himself, В articulatelyВ describesВ inВ depthВ detailsВ theВ processВ ofВ learningВ toВ readВ andВ writeВ andВ howВ heВ usedВ hisВ readingВ skillsВ toВ readВ religionВ andВ historyВ booksВ laterВ on. В MalcolmВ XВ claimsВ thatВ prisonВ affordedВ himВ aВ greatВ educationВ­В freeВ ofВ distractionsВ foundВ inВ college, В awakenedВ himВ toВ hisВ passionВ aboutВ reading, В andВ itВ freedВ himВ toВ realizeВ thatВ blackВ peopleВ hadВ anВ honoredВ historyВ thatВ hadВ beenВ effacedВ byВ theВ whiteВ people. В WhileВ inВ prison, В MalcolmВ wasВ veryВ cautiousВ aboutВ theВ timeВ thatВ heВ anticipatedВ onВ certainВ activities, В heВ managedВ toВ bargeВ inВ allВ hisВ timeВ onВ learningВ andВ educatingВ himself. В MalcolmВ developedВ highВ standardsВ ofВ readingВ andВ writingВ byВ startingВ offВ withВ readingВ andВ copyingВ allВ ofВ theВ dictionary. В HeВ CheckedВ outВ aВ copiousВ amountВ ofВ booksВ fromВ theВ libraryВ andВ tendedВ toВ readВ inВ totalВ isolationВ ofВ hisВ ownВ room. В ItВ showsВ howВ fascinatedВ MalcolmВ xВ wasВ inВ theВ booksВ heВ readВ thatВ heВ usedВ toВ evenВ fakeВ sleepВ forВ theВ guardsВ everyВ nightВ soВ heВ couldВ keepВ readingВ tillВ threeВ orВ fourВ inВ theВ morning. В DueВ toВ theВ amountВ ofВ readingВ booksВ andВ writingВ lettersВ toВ Mr. В Muhammad, В MalcolmВ xВ developedВ highВ


2В MohammedВ

readingВ andВ writingВ standards, В penmanship, В andВ becameВ anВ articulateВ writerВ andВ speaker. В

TheВ mainВ motivationВ thatВ MalcolmВ XВ hadВ wasВ thatВ heВ wasВ inspiredВ byВ Mr. В Muhammad, В andВ wantedВ toВ soundВ articulateВ inВ theВ lettersВ thatВ heВ sendsВ him, В butВ heВ couldВ notВ doВ thisВ dueВ toВ hisВ weakВ vocabulary. В AnotherВ motivationВ thatВ MalcolmВ hadВ wasВ...


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