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The word lower income derived from Latin word " pauper” means " poor”. Poverty refers to the condition of without having the way to afford simple human requires such as clean water, diet, health care, clothing and refuge. Poverty is definitely the condition of having fewer assets or fewer income than others within a society or country, or perhaps compared to globally averages. Lower income is one of the significant social problems which Pakistan is facing. It is one of the important and sensitive concern not only pertaining to Pakistan nevertheless for the whole world. Low income can cause various other social concerns like theft, bribe, problem, lawlessness, injustice etc .

It is the fundamental duty and responsibility of the region to fulfill the fundamental needs of its people. Basic needs of person comprises of refuge, food and clothing. When these demands are not fulfilled they cause problems referred to as socio-economic concerns. Pakistan is suffering from these kinds of problems. The real issue is definitely not the existence of these concerns in the contemporary society. But the extent to which they may be being paid attention and solved. When these problems are not met timely the results in the proper execution of deviant behavior, drug abuse, smuggling, file corruption error, poverty, illiteracy and many other sociable evils is going to occur.

Lower income Condition in Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established in 1947, a country of 170 million people, full of normal resources and even more than 60 years of independence but still not really respected on the globe community. In under 30 years of independence, really one side gets separated (Bangladesh). Staying part until today is definitely living on IMF, Universe Bank and foreign contributions. Majority of the citizenry is surviving in rural areas without standard necessities of life. It is just a country wherever financial distance between wealthy and poor is extending day by day. From the last 10 years, extremism is definitely increasing. No matter what happens in the world it is practically understood could investigations it can easily have the link with Pakistan. Almost every sort of problem is available in Pakistan, including electric power load-shedding, bad economy, significantly less educational facilities, much less hospitals, pumpiing and no genuine water in numerous parts. These kinds of problems exist in Pakistan right from it is independence.

It really is rightly declared that poverty anywhere is a danger to wealth everywhere. Nearly 60 per cent of the inhabitants of Pakistan lives in towns. According for an analysis, poverty has increased around from 30% to 40% during the past decade. It means that 40 % of the country's population is usually earning their very own livelihood under the poverty collection. In this kind of condition people are depressed of their basic essentials of life. Proper education and medication are becoming faraway from them. They are forced to think of their your survival only of due to low income and unemployment, parents rather than sending their children to educational institutions, prefer kid labor to them. They make these people do so to support their family and use them while earning hands from the childhood.


A situation in which a person or home lacks the time necessary to manage to consume some minimum container of goods. The basket is made up either of food, clothes, housing and other essentials (moderate poverty) or of food alone (extreme poverty). The most common method used to define lower income is income-based. According Jean Guenon

" He is poor who doesn't always have enough; he could be poorer whom cannot acquire enough". Low income Line

" A person is considered poor if his or her cash flow level is catagorized below several minimum level necessary to fulfill basic requires. This lowest level is often called the poverty. ”

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan

1 . Govt...


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