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 Essay about Lmx Theory

Recently the concept of Leader-Member Exchange theory has obtained greater prominence in the field of modern day management techniques. Using facts from supervision research consider the extent to which LMX theory may be useful when ever applied to the role in the Manager of the Student Center.

Although Leader-member exchange (LMX) has its limitations, the moment applied to the role in the Student Center Manager it is rather useful. LMX is a romance based theory of management based on the interactions among a manager and a worker. It identifies the ability of high quality relationships to develop job satisfaction, commitment and innovation. Regarding the Student Middle Manager, the role requires that staff are satisfied, effective relationships are built between staff, college students and academics, and that the Pupil Centre provides the highest and latest top quality service. To investigate how LMX can aid the role of Student Hub Manager, the position will be analyzed from three areas most important to doing the position successfully. They are stakeholder administration, performance managing and innovation.


Firstly, LMX and the role of the Student Center Manager will be described. LMX theory has evolved during the last 25 years. It was first presented by George Graen and his colleagues, since Vertical Dyad Linkage (Dansereau, Graen, & Haga, 1975), where market leaders were learned to develop differentiated relationships with their direct studies. According to Graen and Ulh-Bien (1995), today LMX theory says that effective leadership operations occur when ever leaders (managers) and followers (employees) can develop older relationships. Commanders and followers engage in a role-making process to establish doing work partnerships. These partnerships or dyads will be either premium quality exchanges seen as mutual trust, respect, and obligation or perhaps low quality interactions of low trust, admiration and responsibility. High quality relationships are beneficial to the supervisor and the staff. Less direction is required, employees can be trusted and are very likely to go beyond normal job anticipations. Employees take advantage of extra support, access to better information and resources and are generally more satisfied and encouraged. LMX developed as study began to research the nature of these types of relationships as well as the implications they have on companies. However , LMX theory provides limitations which may have hindered it is wide acknowledgement. For instance, LMX research has applied a variety of computing scales and classification of LMX romantic relationship, whether it is uni-dimensional or multidimensional (Dienesch & Liden, 1986) is still controversial. This has induced problems replicating results and being able to draw conclusive proof about the advantages of LMX. Yet , as will probably be demonstrated, LMX has many strengths that are extremely useful to the role with the Student Solutions Manager.

Role of Manager of Student Hub

Before making use of LMX, an in depth understanding of the role of the Student Centre Manager is important. With the advantages of the Melbourne Model arrived the development of the ‘one stop shop' student centres to provide quality pupil centric solutions. The Student Middle Manager is in charge of the delivery of excellent, complete and bundled student companies through this single level of discussion with pupils (job information, 325-101 assignment guidelines, 2008). The supervisor will supervise many service areas which includes recruitment, student information and course advice, teaching solutions and professional practice. As a result the administrator will need to quality relationships with staff and students to make certain all parties will be satisfied with the service provided. As previously stated, LMX's usefulness will be demonstrated by looking at 3 key responsibilities of the Student Centre Manager.

Stakeholder Management

A significant role of the Manager in the Student Centre is to build effective human relationships with...

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