Tuning in and Reacting

 Listening and Responding Dissertation

SECTION 7: Being attentive and Reacting

Chapter Review - This chapter commences with the learning outcome summaries and terms covered in the chapter, followed by a set of lessons for you to use to supply the content in Chapter 7. • Learning Outcomes

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Learning Results

1 List techniques for increasing focus in the listening process Listening may be the complex method that includes attending, understanding, remembering, assessing, and reacting with support and ease and comfort. Attending is a process of selecting and centering on specific stimuli from the many ones that we receive. We are able to be more powerful in participating if we (1) get ready both equally physically and mentally, (2) make the change from speaker to fan base complete (don't rehearse), (3) hear a person out before answering, and (4) observe non-verbal clues.

a couple of Examine techniques for bettering understanding of communications

Understanding is a process of solving a message so that the meaning effectively reflects that intended by the speaker. Empathizing, which is discovering with or vicariously your feelings of another, can easily increase understanding. We can could also increase understanding by simply asking inquiries to clarify and get particulars and by paraphrasing the speaker's content and feelings.

a few Discuss how you can better preserve information

Remembering is the technique of retaining info so it may be recalled launched needed. By simply repeating details, using mnemonics, and taking notes, we can boost the likelihood that individuals will remember what we hear.

4 Describe how to evaluate and critically analyze the accuracy of messages Critical examination is the procedure for evaluating what has been believed to determine it is truthfulness. Critical analysis is particularly important when a speaker is usually asking you to believe, act on, or support what is being said. One crucial skill of critical research is to distinct statements of fact coming from inferences. Claims of simple fact should be analyzed to see if they are really true. Inferences should be analyzed to see if they can be valid. 3 questions can assist us to check inferences: (1) What details support this inference? (2) Is the details really central to the inference? (3) Are available other details that would confront the inference?

5 Identify steps intended for responding supportively and providing comfort Answering with support and comfort and ease helps people feel better about themselves and their habit. Effective support messages happen to be those that make an effort to help, accept others, show concern, display one's willingness to listen and stay an ally, accept and confirm the speaker's feelings, and encourage decoration. When we offer comfort, we ought to use emails that clarify our motives, practice politeness, are other-centered, reframe the specific situation, and offer suggestions on problems the presenter cannot apparently resolve.

Key Terms

|listening |content paraphrase |supportive messages | |attending |feelings paraphrase |clarify supportive intentions | |understanding |remembering |buffering | |empathy |mnemonic device |positive face needs | |empathic responsiveness |critical evaluation |negative face needs | |perspective taking |factual claims |other-centered communications | |sympathetic responsiveness |inferences |reframing...


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