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Condition any privileges in which the Job Act 1955 gives unique protection to female personnel.

1 . 1 . ANSWER you

As established in Employment Act 1955:

a) Under Section 34(1), business employers are not permitted to employ females to carry out industrial and gardening work between 10. 00pm to 5. 00am without exemption from the Director General of Labour Department; and

b) Under Section 35, not any female worker shall be employed in any underground working.

2 . QUESTION a couple of

State whether the parties below are required by law of contract to satisfy their legal obligations in the following conditions and explain your solution: -

a) Cr7 wants to acknowledge the present made by Jeff. Since Mary does not stipulate the function of acceptance, Ronaldo chooses not to consider any actions and presumes that Mary shall appreciate and agree to his peace and quiet as an acceptance.

b) Aiman placed this advertisement in Motor Investor magazine: " For sale- 1965 Tiny Austin in good condition. A bargain in RM12, 000”. Tom, who had been interested in vintage cars, composed a notification to Aiman on Mon offering to acquire the car to get RM10, 1000. Aiman had written back saying, " Now i'm afraid I am unable to accept nearly anything less than RM12, 000. Let me know by Thursday evening in the event you still desire to buy the car”. On receipt of the letter, Tom composed back right away saying: ”RM12, 000 seems a bit costly, but I've always wanted to own a Mini Austin, and so consider it a deal breaker. I am a bit in short supply of money this month. Would you end up being willing to agree to RM6, 500 immediately plus the rest next month? If I listen to no more a person I shall take this that we have a deal and i also will collect the car about Friday”. The letter was lost inside the post and never arrived. Aiman having read nothing by Tom, presumed that Ben was not thinking about the car and agreed to promote it to Zul on Comes to an end morning. Ben arrived at Aiman's house to collect the car on Friday afternoon and saw Zul drive off in the car. Advise Jeff whether generally there exist an agreement for the sale of the car between him and Aiman.

2 . 1 ) ANSWERS 2

a) By law of contract (Proposal and Acceptance), neither Mary nor Cr7 are required to satisfy their legal obligations seeing that silence would not necessarily show there is acceptance and acknowledgement only turns into effective when it has been communicated. According to Section 3 of the Agreements Act 1950, acceptance has to be made in the manner prescribed by offer. In such a case even Ben did not state the setting of acknowledgement. However , in accordance to section 4(1) from the Contracts Action 1950, the communication of the proposal (offer) is full as it is at a the knowledge from the person who it is manufactured which is Cr7.

b) In the case of Aiman (proposer) and Tom (acceptor) by law of contract (Contracts Act 1950) this case is usually classified since counter provide. The acknowledgement must be produced in exactly the same terms as the proposal. Right now there should not be virtually any modification in the proposal. In the event that an offer can be modified, the modification can become a counter offer and not acceptance. It truly is concluded that there is no contract can be found between Aiman and Mary even though Ben had conveyed his acceptance to Aiman. By making a counter give, Tom had rejected the first offer. Guide case is definitely Hyde v. Wrench (1940) 3 counter 334.

three or more. QUESTION 3

Mr. Irfan, a sixteen year old youngster, wants to know as to whether he can enter into commercial contracts. Advise him in regards to what types of contracts he may enter into officially.

3. 1 ) ANSWER several

In Irfan case, legally speaking of contract, capacity to contract, in order to kind a valid and binding contract, the functions must have the capacity and are qualified to enter into...


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