Learning Python

 Learning Python Essay

Learning Python

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Learning Python

Draw Lutz

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Learning Python, Fourth Edition

by Tag Lutz

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To Vera. You are warring.

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Table of Contents

Preface................................................................... xxxi

Part I. Starting out

1 . A Python Q& A Session................................................... three or more Why Perform People Work with Python? Software Quality Designer Productivity Is Python a " Server scripting Language”? OK, but Can be the Downside? Whom Uses Python Today? What Can I Do with Python? Systems Encoding GUIs Internet Scripting Component Integration Data source Programming Quick Prototyping Number and Clinical Programming Gambling, Images, Serial Ports, XML, Robots, and More How Can be Python Supported? What Are Python's Technical Strengths? It's Object-Oriented It's Free of charge It's Lightweight It's Powerful It's Mixable It's Easy to Make use of It's Easy to Study It's Named After Monty Python How Does Python Stack Up to Language Times? 3 some 5 5 7 six 9 on the lookout for 9 twelve 10 14 11 11 12 12 13 13 13 13 15 of sixteen 16 17 17 18 vii

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Phase Summary Test Your Knowledge: Quiz Test Your Knowledge: Answers

18 19 nineteen

2 . Just how Python Runs Programs............................................. twenty three Introducing the Python Interpreter Program Execution The Programmer's View Python's View Performance Model Variations Python Execution Alternatives Execution Optimization Tools Frozen Binaries Other Setup Options Future Possibilities? Phase Summary Test out your Knowledge: To discover Test Your Understanding: Answers twenty three 24 24 26 29 29 40 32 thirty-three 33 thirty four 34 34

3. How You Run Applications................................................. 35 The Interactive Fast Running Code Interactively So why the Active Prompt? Making use of the Interactive Quick System Command word Lines and Files A First Script Jogging Files with Command Lines Using Control Lines and Files Unix Executable Intrigue (#! ) Clicking File...


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