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1 . Advantages 2 . Background information 2 . you History of Centrum Transport Romania 2 . 1 . 1 A lot of milestones installment payments on your 2 The business now installment payments on your 2 . 1 Organizational composition 3. Current train-terminal 3. 1 Standard information several. 1 . 1 Location three or more. 1 . 2 Organizational structure 3. 1 ) 3 (Un)loading trains 3. 2 SWOT-analysis 4. Competition 4. you Do the rivals (have ideas for) travel by coach? 4. two Competitive benefits 4. installment payments on your 1 Costs road transport from Genk to Oradea 4. 2 . 2 Costs train transportation from Genk to Oradea 4. installment payments on your 3 Various other (dis)advantages – Rail VERSUS Road five. Conclusion & Summary 6. Recommendations six. Resources

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Centrum Romania is one of the main logistics providers for the Romanian market in the design and delivery of advanced supply string solutions. It is the Romanian subset of Centrum Group Europe. In 2005 Centrum Group European countries was absorbed by the The belgian logistics and transport company H. Essers Groep. Through this research the reader will be furnished with detailed information regarding H. essers Groep, its background information, current train ports, how to increase, the best remedy how to deal with competition and several additional topics with regards to train transportation. In addition , this kind of study likewise provides the benefits and drawbacks of the train and street transportation. This study can be used in a Logistic environment although it is based on L. Essers plus the area where it is located – Romania. The researcher is analyzing these conditions and the outcome of this study will be directed at Mr Buurman.

" Proven in 1928, Groep H. Essers is growing into the greatest family transport and strategies company of Belgium, with 2 . two hundred fifty employees, over 26 twigs in 12 European countries. ” " Groep H. Essers offers consumers personalized and integrated transportation and logistics solutions through Europe. ”

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Centrum travel was at first a Nederlander company, founded in 1976 by Mr. Jan Daris, in Valkenswaard (NL). In 1992 the choice to expand to Asian Europe was made, they rent an office in Oradea and founded Centrum Transport H. R. L. In 1996 the company purchased a territory of 30. 000 mВІ in Oradea. 36 months later, it happened in 1999, the building of warehouse you in Oradea started in addition to the same yr Centrum Expeditii S. R. L. and Centrum investitii S. Ur. L. had been founded. In 2001 Centrum logistics S. R. D. was founded and one year later on warehouse two was build in Oradea. In that 12 months they also acquired 48. 1000 mВІ territory in Oradea. In 2005 the building of the warehouse in Bucharest started out (Cefin strategies park). Likewise in this 12 months, Centrum Transport bought 15. 000 mВІ to build the 3th stockroom in Oradea.

In 2004 Centrum Transportation was absorbed by L. Essers Groep, a family-owned, Belgium company that offers travel and logistic solutions through Europe.

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• Henri Essers establishes a transport company in Eksel (B) • Noël & Jules join their fathers business • Start off Transport coupled with logistic activities in Tessenderlo • Athens investment firm GIMV takes over 40% in the shares • Move headquarters to Genk • commence direct railroad connection to Novara (Italy)/ business Essers Italia • Fam. Essers takes over the 40% shares that GIMV invested in 1990 • Take-over Superliner Cargo/ institution Air Cargo Logistics (zaventem)


• Jan Daris establishes a transport company in Valkenswaard (NL) • Foundation Centrum Transport H. R. M. in an workplace in Odaie de Saggezza (RO) • purchase of 31. 000 m² territory in Oradea • foundation Centrum Expeditii T. R. L. & Centrum Investitii H. R. M. • Commence builing storage place 1 in Oradea • foundation Centrum Logistics S. R. M. • Commence builing storage place 2 & purchase of twenty four. 000 m² territory in Oradea • Start building warehouse 1 in Bucharest/ storage place 3 in Oradea/ buy 15. 000 m²














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