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Maurizio Cattlelan is a serious joker and is highly distinguished and debatable in the artwork world

Jerr Dodge is definitely an American modern-day artist who was born in 1969, in Newton, Pa (US) and Maurizio Cattelan is a great Italian contemporary artist who had been born in 1960 in Padua, Italia. Dodge acquired 6 complete years of contemporary art education compared to Cattelan who had a casual and self directed modern day art education. Both Artists moved away from their home countries, Dodge to Berlin, Indonesia and Cattelan to New York, USA.

Jason Avoid is motivated by beautifully constructed wording, everyday life wonderful personal knowledge. Dodge commission's skilled professionals to create his artworks. Dodge's sculptures and installation are made of everyday objects that are striped of labor and birth, function and purpose and added slight, understated modifications. Dodge artworks present actuality and the poetry of actuality and there is a dominant push of passionate poetry that lies within just. Giving Dodge's lifeless items human benefit, history and essentially life. The context that Dodge works from contains art moves such as: Minimalism, Arte Povera, Conceptual, and Romanticism.

Maurizio Cattlelan is encouraged by images and fact. Cattlan directs and commissions someone more professionally and suitably experienced to create the task. Creating genuine waxworks and taxidermy sculptures. Ironic laughter is the main thread in much of his work. A deep and intense reflection on mortality shapes the essence of Cattelan's practice. Cattelan embodies the likes of Duchamp and Warhol through the imaginative style of artist-as-playful-provocateur. The framework which Cattelan works from include artwork movements such as Art Povera, Bueys, Hyperrealist and is highly inspired by 1970's, and Duchamp and Warhol.


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