Sociable Stratification

 Social Couche Essay




Presenter Ms. N. Lewis

What is sociable Stratification?

 This

refers to the position of interpersonal groups

in respect to one or more criteria deemed

important to society.

 The

ranking indicates that a few groups have

more and others have much less of what society

values- for example , cash, power and


Types of stratification Systems

There are two types of stratification systems:

1 . Closed system of stratification

2 . Open up system of stratification

Closed System of stratification

A closed system is a rigid program with clearly

demarcated restrictions

Social statuses are strictly defined and determine

usage of opportunities

Cultural position is usually ascribed at birth

There is no social mobility by level for the another.

One of a shut down system of couchette is the

body system in India. Individuals are born in a caste

and this determines a person's occupation, sociable

interaction, electrical power and education. No amount of

achievement can transform a persons famille.

Open Approach to social Couchette

A form of social stratification is located primarily

about economic criteria, particular salary.

Social position is accomplished through a person's efforts

The boundaries among classes are more flexible

than with the closed program.

There is opportunity for social mobility, as persons

can progress or throughout the class system and therefore

their particular status may improve or perhaps decline.

Your class system in modern industrial society is a

best example of an open couche system.

Sociable stratification Under Slavery


 White wines

were hardly ever apart of the lower school; only

white-colored indentured maids stained their very own class


 Persons of combined ancestry and lighter colour skin

had been the most privileged by virtue of all their


 Some were rewarded with lighter household duties.

 The female group served as a barrier zone

upholding white beliefs and thus would not want to

risk their very own privilege in society.

Social Stratification Beneath Slavery

 The

Plantation System was a closed system

of stratification based on the ascribed requirements

of race and color.

 Competition

and shade was tied to one's profession

in world.

Social Couche in the Carribbean

 The

social composition of the carribbean has

been greatly influenced by colonialism and


 Ascriptive factors including race, category and

coloring determined the status and life

odds of Caribbean people.

Race Stratification- M. G. Smith

Smith argued that many societies in the caribbean

are plural high exist significant diversity and

race antagonism.

Smith asserted that the distinct ethnic or perhaps cultural

groupings in the Carribbean practiced exclusive forms

of the same institutions in society. For instance , in

Trinidad the Hindus have a distinctive marriage

practice of " bamboo wedding party. ” None whites nor

blacks carry out these interpersonal institutions over the

similar lines.

 Pertaining to

Smith communities such as Trinidad, Guyana

and Jamaica contains a closed system of

stratification that ensured limited social


Criticisms of Smith

The main criticisms of Smith will be summarized beneath:

1 .

Caribbean societies have got evolved in class communities and not ethnic blocks while Smith's version suggests.

2 .

Many authorities argue that education has been the primary

equalizer in society


The climb of the local intelligentsia consists of member by both African and Of india.


The extent and degree of turmoil that Cruz articulated based on culture and variety is high. In fact , in numerous of the

Social Stratification in Trinidad and

Tobago- Lloyd Braithwaite

This individual observed which the social structure in Trinidad was

based on ascriptive- particularistic basis. It had been

thus based on the positive analysis of the white

groups in society and negative analysis of the...


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