In the World

 Into the World Essay

Teaching Rita

A great exploration by using a variety of text messaging that deal with ‘aspects of growing up and transitions into new phrases of an individual's life'.

This problem in the HSC is usually a common question that invites students to apply their particular text and individual other related material for the question. Consequently it is much easier to plan, arrange and make a response. Students MUST remember that the question/task will be about ‘Into the World', not really Educating Rita!

Any response requires indepth discussion of ‘the transition from world to another', with detailed commentary from text and two other related text messaging of the learners choosing. Any good response will focus not simply on what is said relating to this transition, however the techniques employed by the authors/composers to create meaning and graphic for the audience/responder. Do not respond making use of the movie type.


Working class northern England

Focuses on woman character

The play organisations on personal strength through education

Two serves separated by simply change

Two-character drama centred in one room

Connection to: 
Into the World

Rita moves coming from an ‘uneducated' working course life into a tertiary informed life. It can be this move with its positives and negatives that is being focused after.

Positives of Transition

Breakthrough discovery & Enlightenment:

Rita finds a new world far taken off her ‘restrictive' world like a wife and hairdresser. Liberty & Choice:

Rita desires to be able to choose her long term not have that forced after her through her failure to have choice. To her this can be the basis of her move to avoid her entrapment. Opportunity:

Rita hopes that her fresh life will show opportunities that her existing life is unsucssesful to deliver – education, travel and leisure, culture Human relationships:

Rita complies with new and interesting persons. People she aspires to be - Outspoken, Tiger (students), Trish

Downsides of Transition

Disconnection with the past:

Rita sacrifices the relationship with her family. Her marriage stops working and she's left to pursue her transition only.

Overcoming Difficulty:

Rita need to overcome set backs, her own short comings and ability to make it into her new world. Rita's persona, Frank, Denny and Trish are types of the casualties along the way. The unknown (Grass is always More environmentally friendly on the other side):

Rita desire to become a different person reaches times certainly not well thought out. Truly does she gain more than the lady risks throughout this transition? Really does she finally get what she so desires eventually?



There is a great gap between Rita's ‘working class' vocabulary and Frank's ‘educated class' terminology. This is found both in the spoken and written phrase. It is specifically highlighted when Rita discusses the place or swearing and vulgarity inside the classes. Language is used to exhibit how distinct the two realms are, how far Rita need to go in her transition to reach in her new world. Language may also offer insight into good and downsides of this change. Rita comes back believing she's a different/better person mainly because she may ‘talk posh' like Trish.

2 . Meaning:

The door:

Symbolic with the distance between two worlds and how challenging it may be to get Rita to increase a new globe. The ease at which Rita finally goes through Frank's door enables the audience to measure Rita transition. Finally she ceases coming whatsoever. The Windows:

Like the door its characteristics give insight into Rita's changeover. Initially this too can be closed and little gets in or out. Finally the windowpane is open it accepts the into the office and allows these to journey out into the world. The Furniture (and the bottles):

Perhaps the most important mark. It conceals the truth of Rita's transition. Is the globe she so desires to go to so ideal?

3. Structure:

Educating Rita has two acts.

There is a change between the events of act 1 and people of act 2 . Rita has changed a whole lot. She has...


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