Strategic Promoting Plan an instance of Whitedent Tanzania

 Strategic Advertising Plan a Case of Whitedent Tanzania Essay

| |Introduction from the organization

IDENTITY: Chemi & Cotex Companies Ltd.


Chemi & Cotex Industries Ltd. a company established in 1975 is involved in manufacturing & marketing of FMCG Merchandise, Industrial & Household Plastics and metallic products. It is a member firm of the Mac Group whose history can be traced returning to the 1880's when businessman and explorer Kanji Jeraj Manek departed on a dhow from Jamjodpur, Gujarat, towards the East Photography equipment coastline looking for better potential customers.

Today Chemi & Cotex Industries Ltd. is one of the largest consumer goods company in Tanzania with manufacturing basics in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Nairobi & Kampala & procedures spread through East The african continent.

Chemi & Cotex Sectors Ltd. a marketing channel network consists of 1200 business associates, spread through Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic republic of Congo and South Africa that are serviced regularly by 8 regional office buildings, Depots, a fleet of 56 delivery vehicles & well trained, motivated and diligent staff.

Chemi & Cotex Industries Ltd' h portfolio of brands include Whitedent, Nice Heart, Bodyline, Siri, Simba Chef, Bannisters, Zawadi Zanzibar, Soft Contact, Skin Glow, Skin Care, Afro Jell, Chemicola, Vits, Glacier, Toto, Chemident, Bendera, Kanga, Polytank, Polypex, Kifaru, Whiteline, Zimo and others.

The product combine consists of Toothpaste, Lotion, Crèmes, Fairness Crème, Petroleum jellies, Hair Natural oils & herbal remedies, Pomades, Style Gels, Squashes, Baking Dust, Soda bicarbonate, Sauces, Jams, Pickles, Mineral Water, Toilet soaps, Laundry Bars, Detergents, Natural oils, Confectioneries, � Household Plastics, Industrial Materials, Barbed Line, Chain website link Fencing, Extended Metal, Fingernails or toenails.

Every year Chemi & Cotex Industries Limited. makes efforts to improve quality of products and give better value for money to their consumers whilst concurrently in return take full advantage of market share, and above all to hold consumers and business associates happy. 1 . Current market plan (4P)


At this time Chemi & Cotex Industrial sectors Ltd. provides 2 brands of kid's (children) toothpaste on the market. Sales of the brands are very low right now due to lack of knowledge of the item and worth provided by the same to the buyers.

In this case, the purchaser of the item and the end user are different. The purchaser is the parent or guardian and the client of the product is the child. Both the parent as well as the child have to be made even more aware of the advantages accrued from using specialized tooth paste for oral care and mainly elimination of dental decay amidst children in this case.

Chemi & Cotex Industrial sectors Ltd. needs to create a web marketing strategy that serves as the foundation of their marketing strategy. Their promoting plan ought to contains a set of specific actions required to effectively implement their particular marketing strategy. For example: " Use a low cost product to attract customers. Once Chemi & Cotex Industries Limited. can as an example attain a low cost product, it can establish a marriage with buyers based on price. Chemi & Cotex Industries Ltd. will sell additional, higher-margin products and services that enhance the card holder's interaction while using low-cost service or product. " Marketing plans are energetic and interactive. They are partially planned and partially unexpected. In this case however , we shall not really strategize about cost aspects and focus on value from the product towards the consumer and attempt to increase sales of kid's toothpaste by the value that it makes. We shall also focus our attention in packaging with the product by improving the same to entice the consumer to solicit the parent to never buy " toothpaste” nevertheless " Whitedent Kids Toothpaste” What we keep pace with achieve is definitely heightening product appeal with the promise valuable and more all-in-one solutions to propel growth thus rise in product sales of our picked product.



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