Grameen Cellphone Selection Process

 Grameen Telephone Selection Process Article

24 May possibly 2008

MISTER. Amlan T. Haque

Elderly Lecturer

Institution Of Business

Independent University, Bangladesh

Subject matter: Submission from the report on " Recruiting and Collection Procedure of GP. Special Sir,

We have the tremendous pleasure to transmit our statement on " Recruitment and Selection Procedure of GP” for your kind consideration. Although making this statement we discovered many hurdles and pleasurable experiences. Nevertheless the valuable experiences we have obtained during the period will undoubtedly benefit us inside the real work field. Inspite of the several restrictions, we gave our every efforts to make this survey a significant one and in this way all of us express the deep honor as you generously have offered us the scope and assigned the task. We have attempted heart and soul for making this case analysis perfect nevertheless for time limit and other problems we may become some blunders. We hope you will ignore our faults and consider our lacks although judging the report. We enjoy this research and happily attend any suggestion of you to explain on virtually any point, if possible. At last, saying thanks to you a lot for assigning us such a pragmatic and interesting theme for preparing the report. Sincerely yours,

Md. Khaleque Faisal Emon


On behalf of Group:

Almost all praises to be ALLAH and peace is on his prophet Mohammed (sm) We are higly indebted to prospects who helped us to prepare the statement. We are alsoindebted to our program teacher MISTER. Amlan T. Haque pertaining to giving us this theme to make the report. Then we would like to express our sincere due to some of our family members and friends for their support & we could grateful to the people participants in whose participation authorized to accomplish the report. we would like to thank IUB computer lab and library for their support that helped us to complete this work successfully. Eventually i wish to exhibit my earnest gratitude to all of my personal course mates.

Executive summery

Recruitment and selection happen to be one of the most essential concerns for every organization. Recruitment process starts from the advertisement until the invoice of CV. As soon as the CV is fallen the recruiting process ends and the selection process begins. Ideal planning for recruiting and selection indicates the past trends and future forecast of firm. Grameen mobile phone is the major telecommunication company in Bangladesh, which contains nearly 50 percent share ofthis industry. Grameen Phone is definitely gradually increasing its business to the border of the region and retains a substantial reveal. Introduction & Background in the Study:

Survey is a mandatory requirement for everyone pursuing an BBA degree at the Independent University. We all studied lots of things about GrameenPhone and collected documents in numerous prospect regarding this. When we had been continuing each of our study, all of us came to know a lot of things about GrameenPhone as this study efforts to produce a positive report upon recruitment and selection procedure of GrameenPhone. Ressons For Choosing GP:

Studies play a vital role in the field of communication both in the academic orientation in addition to practical life. So out of this side, it must be better in choosing or selecting the entire organization. Just because a well-established business or organization can provide the best materials or documents to organize a report conveniently which is extremely important in BBA. GP is known as a high driven and well-reputed company in Bangladesh at present used by over 1 . 3 billion persons in some 250 countries. GrameenPhone believes in service, a service that leads to very good business and good development. Scope of the Study:

The report addresses the procedure with the recruitment and selection and emphasizes the human resource managing on a few position. The entire industry and investment scenario of the nation is certainly not observed in the report so this report will not actually compare the position in the mobile companies in the framework of the total business condition of the nation. Objectives from the Study:

Broad Objective

The broad target of this study is to...

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