Get Started With Dropbox

 Get Started With Dropbox Essay

Learn how to start Dropbox:





Keep the

files secure

Take you itens


Send large


Work on data


Meet to Dropbox!


one particular

Keep your data safe

Dropbox lets you conserve docs, photos, videos, and other files — all in one place — and automatically stands behind your stuff.

Thus if your laptop breaks down or else you leave your phone on

the educate, your stuff is secure.

Add data to your Dropbox

On Windows or Mac pc

1 . Ensure you've installed the computer's desktop app on your pc. 2 . Drag and drop files in the Dropbox folder. That's it!





On dropbox. com

1 . Sign in to dropbox. com.

2 . Click the Upload press button at the top of the window.

3. Choose the data file you'd like to put, and click Open.

some. Or, just drag and drop documents directly into your

web browser.

In iOS or Android

1 ) Tap the More actions menu (... ) icon inside the top-right nook. 2 . Choose Upload File (in iOS) or Upload here (in Android).

three or more. Select the area you'd like to upload files via.

4. Select the files you'd like to add, and after that tap Upload.






Have your stuff anywhere

Save your photographs and documents to Dropbox, and get them on any computer, phone, or perhaps tablet together with the Dropbox app. Every file you save to Dropbox can be automatically synced to all the devices, so you can get to your stuff from anywhere.

Install the desktop and mobile apps

Get the computer's desktop app

Get the iOS iphone app


Get the Android software



Send significant files

Have to send folders? Just add it to your Dropbox, discuss a link to it, and you're completed. No matter how huge the record is, a person with the link can easily view or perhaps download a duplicate — whether or not they you do not have a Dropbox account.

Talk about a link to a file

Upon dropbox. com

1 . Register to dropbox. com, and discover the document or folder you'd like to reveal. 2 . Hover over the record or file, and click on the S​hare ​button that shows up. (If most likely sharing a folder, you'll see a drop-down menu. Select S​end hyperlink. )

3. Enter the email addresses of the persons you want to bring, and simply click Send. ​Or, copy and paste the web link.



On Glass windows or Apple pc

1 . Install the Dropbox desktop software ​i​f you haven't already. 2 . Open your Dropbox file, and find the file or perhaps folder you'd like to share. 3. Right-click on the file and select S​hare Dropbox Link. ​The link will be copied quickly. Just paste it in an email, quick message, or perhaps wherever you would like people to access it.






Work on files together

Collaborate upon presentations and docs — without contacting files to and fro. Just produce a shared folder and add others to this. When you change a file within a shared folder, everyone instantly gets the newest version on their gadgets.

Set up a shared folder

On dropbox. com

1 . Sign in to dropbox. com, and click Share a folder... ​at the top from the window.

2 . Choose I​'d like to generate and share a fresh folder, ​click Next, ​a​nd enter a name for your shared file.



3. Just click N​ext, ​and enter the email addresses of the persons you want to invite.

4. Put in a personal meaning if you'd like, and click Share folder.




Hooray, now you're a Dropbox all-star!

You're all set to use Dropbox. Get started right now,

and let us know what you believe on Twitter. ​

Observe more tips and tricks

Check out our Help Center to learn tips on how to recover older versions of files, save space on your pc with Picky Sync, and explore different advanced features.

Dropbox also contains a number of security tools

that will help you further safeguard your account and data.

Visit our Security page to master how to generate

a strong, exclusive password, enable two-step

verification, and change your security settings.

There's even more to Dropbox

Need to know more space or perhaps extra sharing controls?

Check out Dropbox...


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