Religion: God and Meaning Standards

 Religion: Goodness and Ethical Standards Composition

Final Argumentative Paper: Religion

Monique Wright

PHI 208 Integrity and Moral Reasoning

Kathleen Andrews

September 27, 2012

Final Argumentative Paper: Religion

The topic that we have decided to discuss pertaining to my final argumentative newspaper is " Religion”. I selected this theme because it performs a major position in my everyday activities. During this paper I will go over the most important portion about faith, God. Let me discuss perhaps the proof of the presence of God is important. I will then talk about the argument intended for the existence of God that I truly feel is the most effective and so why I feel that it is. Then I can discuss the foundations in the Universe and where this emerged coming from. Another topic that I talk about is whether or perhaps not one can be moral rather than believe in Goodness. Next I will discuss regardless of whether science and religion happen to be in conflict. God's omniscience and human free will is another topic that is to be covered within this paper. The very last important theme that I will discuss during this paper is whether or not really there is a logical argument to get atheism. I think that this paper will be interesting for me to publish. I believe that God will almost always be real within my heart, if any physical proof is usually ever located of him. Reading regarding the various evidence of the living of The almighty was very interesting for me. My answer is this because I i am a firm believer in Our god and to consider how some people rationalize his non-existence to them is not easy for me to understand. The debate that appears to be the best in my opinion is the " Cosmological argument”. The discussion states that " in the event that something is present something else was required to bring it into existence”. It goes on to talk about how points that exist accomplish that because something more important caused it to can be found. It cell phone calls the a thing that brought We into lifestyle " an initial cause”. The one thing or being could define as the first cause is Our god. Therefore , The almighty would be the beginning source of the universe, which I truly imagine. I believe that philosopher's have always sought evidence of God's lifestyle because it was hard for them to believe that the world just happen one day. I do believe that they have always questioned the complexity of the world and recognized there had to be some type of custom made. I agree with this because the world is just too amazing and sophisticated to just look one day. Even though you believe in evolution, you still would need to question in which the first being or animal came from. Anything has an origin and I think that God is the origin with the universe. Hence the next subject to be reviewed is the foundation of the whole world and by where did the world emerge. It is said frequently that " scientists believe our whole world began with one gigantic explosion of energy and light, which is sometimes called the Big Bang”. This is considered as the start of space and of time alone. However , it can be believed that something that is outside of space, time and matter that triggered this to come into presence. This theory was proven by uranologist Edwin Hubble in the late 1920's. The way which the Big Beat theory is usually described parallels what the holy bible says about the beginning of existence. The holy book states " In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth…and God explained ‘let there be mild and there is light”. In my opinion that this could be considered resistant regarding the presence of Goodness. I know that some researchers disagree and want to say that the universe came from the regulations of physics, but non-e of these issues existed before the initial boost. Another a part of religion will be a ethical person. So a question which has been asked is usually " is one to be ethical and not trust in God”? There are a few people in the current society that believe that it is not necessary God to be moral, yet I no longer necessarily think that. They believe that folks can set their own rules for life, and also have their own personal values. I actually don't believe this would be a good suggestion considering the fact that our values are different, so generally there would...

Sources: * Mosser, K. (2010). A to the point introduction to philosophy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.





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