Extraction of Eugenol

 Extraction of Eugenol Dissertation

Extraction of Eugenol coming from Cloves



University of North Florida


Eugenol is found in the fundamental oil of cloves and has distinctive properties which make it an important product to both equally food and drug sectors. (Bhimrao, et. al, 2004). To utilize many of eugenol's attribute properties, it is necessary to isolate this kind of organic chemical from the other components of cloves. In this try things out, eugenol was isolated coming from a sample of cloves using a series of approaches including steam distillation, solvent extraction, decantation, and evaporation. A simple-steam distillation equipment was constructed and a combination of water and cloves unadulterated to separate the eugenol from all other clove parts. The use of a solvent, Methylene Chloride was then simply used to separate the Eugenol, and then dried out using desert sodium sulfate. The Methylene Chloride was then decanted and evaporated yielding the isolated eugenol product. A percentage weight recovery of 3. 6% was computed and compared to an anticipated recovery of 10%(Wenquiang, et al., 2007). The results suggested possible experimental error, and recommendations for future experiments are considered.


Eugenol is the principal chemical part comprising the oil of cloves, and has a wide range of uses, which range from food flavoring to dental pharmaceuticals (Bhimrao, et. approach, 2004). Eugenol can be isolated from the clove oil using a series of methods including steam distillation, conditions solvent such as methylene chloride, and finally the decantaion and evaporation of the solvent which in turn yields the isolated eugenol. Steam handiwork is a technique used to isolate the eugenol from cloves and avoid decomposition of the item. This is achieved by mixing two immiscible liquids and utilizing a higher steam pressure, the sum of the two parts, and thus a reduced boiling stage then both of the two components on their own. The vapor distillation can produce a...

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