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Questions to study: Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? And, are they ethical? My Response: Advertisements aimed at teenagers work, however only a few advertisements are ethical. There are several advertisements that portray the models to get skin and bone, which puts mental poison in young adults head about how precisely they think they should look.


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Central Thought

Teens in the Crosshairs: Is usually Targeted Promoting Ethical? 1/28/2014

The central thought of this article is advertising targeted at young adults. In this particular article, teens are targeted via Facebook, Skype and YouTube to encourage them to consume food. Advertising to children: Could it be ethical?


In the following paragraphs, they talk about how advertising sort of tricks children in to thinking they're not " popular” except if they have each of the topnotch products. They also discuss ethics in advertising. Young adults will pay attention to other teenagers in ads 1/28/2014


This article covers how teenagers will tune in to other teens and how can make advertising to teenagers effective. It gives samples of the most and least successful types of advertisements. Young Marketing: Apple's the Learn 1/28/2014

This article covers marketing technology to teenagers. The main focus of the is how Apple have got to be popular among the teen population. Can be Advertising to Teenagers Ethical? Media's

Influence on Body Image and Behavior 1/28/2014


This article is aimed at media advertising and marketing. It covers the effects which the media dons the average teen. It covers the methods of advertising plus the limitations along with that. Study Graphic Organizer: Part 2

URL/Link to Ad: What does the ad seem to state about male or female?

What really does the ad manage to say regarding race or perhaps ethnicity?

What really does the ad seem to say about social position?

What seems particularly effective or useless about the ad? В This advertising seems to admit male remains to be the preferred gender, even within an ad directed at teenage girls. В

The ad uses a typical white colored girl, which in turn seems to declare the clothing design will look good on light girls. В

This ad appears that you will be " cool” in the event you dress such as this. В I do think what appears effective about the ad is that they include a Teen Vogue user displaying the style. В

URL/Link to Advertisement:

What really does the ad manage to say about gender?

What does the advertising seem to state about competition or ethnicity?

What does the advertisement seem to state about interpersonal status?

What seems specifically effective or perhaps ineffective regarding the advertising? В The ad generally seems to say that girls are more offered.


The advertisement mostly favorite the white colored race, nevertheless there were the few Asian looking girls. With this kind of being said, the advertisement seems to declare white women and their parents shop this kind of style more frequently than other events. В



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