Analysis of Bombardier Corporation in the Point of view of Organizational Behavior

 Analysis of Bombardier Organization in the Point of view of Company Behavior Essay

Analysis of Bombardier organization in the perspective of organizational behavior


Since its foundation in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier as " L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée at Valcourt”, in Quebec, canada , (headquarters today in Montreal), Bombardier companies state-of-the-art aeroplanes and train locomotives that assist individuals and products getting in which they need to move. Bombardier is known as a double organization business divided between aeronautical " Bombardier Aerospace" and rail transport " Bombardier Transportation”. Bombardier holds third place after Boeing and Airbus inside the Aerospace market and first place in train industry. Bombardier employs 62900 people, 28900 in aerospace, 33800 in rail transport and we operate in 70 countries. Bombardier employees design and style, manufacture, offer and support the largest range of worldclass products in these two groups. This includes commercial and organization jets, and rail travel equipment, systems and providers. " Our task is to be the world's leading manufacturer of planes and trains. Were committed to offering superior worth and in order to our clients and suffered profitability to the shareholders by investing in our people and items. We lead through innovation and excellent product basic safety, efficiency and satisfaction. Our standards are high. We specify excellence—and we all deliver. ” Bombardier is managed with a board of directors business lead by Laurent Beaudoin. In the' current turbulent monetary times there is certainly significant focus on the challenges facing the industries. Nevertheless Bombardier continues to be confident that there is a strong likelihood of business expansion in the next ten years thanks to a very good product portfolio and a client satisfaction focus strategy.

1 . Compagny values

Our study of Bombardier has exhibited us that the principal ideals that this company puts ahead are the next: Integrity, determination to excellence, customer positioning, shareholder emphasis. Integrity

Bombardier says itself it " acts with integrity and in an ethical fashion in anything we carry out and say”. They believe that such a worth put in practice will allow them to make or conserve the trust of all the people they will interact with, theses being consumers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, lovers and residential areas. Commitment to Excellence

In deed like the majority of corporations Bombardier says to find excellence in most of the actions it under takes. Additionally they believe this excellence is usually to be achieved by rigorousness and the farming of group spirit. In this article we can currently observe that the culture of Bombardier is targeted on the quality of the services and products it gives. Customer Orientation

Once again this can be a fairly prevalent value pertaining to corporations but nevertheless when learning Bombardier it truly is undeniable that customer satisfaction is a concern present at near to all levels of the organizations.

Shareholder Concentrate

Bombardier is definitely convinced that by being focused on the customer plus the quality of it's items it creates lucrative business units and if the business is profitable so might be the stocks. Moreover, we all feel that Bombardier did not wish to leave anybody out in the assertion of it is values.

2 . Firm employees

Worker Profils:

If we include observed the values that Bombardier efforts to accept within the corporation let us notice what is performed for the employees inside the company. Bombardier offers dedication to its employees. In action here are the achievements which have been made by the organization for the employees in the last monetary year. •Dramatically reduced both equally our accident frequency and severity ratios between fiscal 2004 and 2009. •Revised our Health, Protection and Environment Policy to boost a no accident way of thinking •Continued to boost employee engagement across our organization

Everybody who interacts in business or more particularly in companies with large pools of employees is aware that the...


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