Erikson's Theory of Psychological Development Applied to Teaching Technology

 Erikson’s Theory of Psychological Development Placed on Teaching Technology Essay

Erik Erikson assumed that individual development takes place in a social circumstance. He believed that creation is a ongoing process. His theory consists of eight stages of creation that arise at different points within an individual's life. At each stage, the individual provides, what he believed as, a developmental problems. Developmental entree are problems in the level that must be handled in order to begin the next stage. Each stage offers an outcome as to what may happen if the crisis is not really resolved. Incomplete development of 1 stage can easily effect later development. Erikson's developmental model can be used to identify when it is suitable for an individual to find out how to use computers. The style can also support determine what pc skills work for each level.

Erikson's first stage of development is trust versus feeling. This level occurs from beginning until regarding one year. Through the first yr of your life infants depend on others for basic needs. Infants must learn to count and trust their caregivers to provide for them. If the baby's needs will be met, then a he or she will establish a safeguarded attachment to the caregivers and learn to trust his or her environment. If the babies do not go this level, then they will likely mistrust others and the items in their environment. The infant will certainly either see the world because supportive or perhaps unsupportive. Pertaining to successful completion of this level, parents should certainly aid in the developmental process simply by responding constantly to the requires of the newborn. During this stage of advancement, teaching computers is not only a possibility. Kids in this level have not but reached a chance to use a pc.

Erikson's second stage of development is autonomy versus shame and hesitation. This level occurs from age group one to about age three. The child discovers to talk, walk, and do items for him or their self. Self-control and self-confidence continue to develop. Good passage through this level results in independence and confidence when relating to others. In the event the child is not powerful in this level, he or she will certainly doubt him or himself and think a sense of disgrace about him or herself. Parents should motivate children to do things for themselves. Parents should allow children to feed themselves, dress themselves, and make options on their own. They have to also provide them with opportunities to screen self-control through toilet training. Overprotective and disapproving parents may cause your child to feel ashamed of him or himself and will most likely doubt her or his abilities. Father and mother must be tolerant of kids mistakes in this stage of development and oldsters should praise the child when he or the girl with successful. It will be easy in this level of expansion to start instructing children using computers. In this stage, father and mother should expose the child towards the computer. Children in this level need the perfect time to experiment and explore while using computer (Kid Source Online, 2001). Teachers and parents should certainly allow the child to click different options to determine what will happen.

Erikson's third stage of development is definitely initiative versus guilt. This kind of occurs from grow older three to age six. In this level, the child must learn to take control of his or her actions and situations. " A feeling of purpose is normally revealed in the child's efforts to create new things through sketching, building, or other creative efforts, exposing an capability to pursue appreciated goals”(Guinee, 1998). They must learn how to plan and pursue goals effectively. Your child must learn to take risks and make an effort new things. Children must figure out how to control impulses and fantasies. Successful passing of this stage results in a sense of purpose. Not successful passage on this stage leads to feelings of guilt and difficulty acquiring initiative. Children may conclude believing that it is wrong to be independent. Father and mother can help assist in this level by encouraging the child although also providing them with willpower. Parents and teachers may offer children with...

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