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AJANI Oluwatoyin Ayodele

Sociology of Education(M. Ed)

Matric. No: 00/SW/03/205

Department of Educational Fundamentals

Lagos State University, Agujero.

This newspaper focuses on the partnership between education and society. It acknowledges a strong romance between the two concepts. Education is perceives as a means of cultural transmission from one era to another in a given culture. Society is defined as the whole selection of social interactions of people residing in a certain geographic territory and having a perception of of the same group. The human relationships between the two concepts are incredibly strong that it must be not possible to separate them mainly because what happens to a single affects the other. Language schools are micro-societies, which echo the entire contemporary society. The education program in any presented society works on the child intended for future existence and instills in his all those skills that will enable him to live a useful life and contribute to the progress the society. Education as being a social trend does not occur in a vacuum or perhaps isolation; it will require place in the society and this normally begins from the friends and family, which is one of the social institutions responsible for the education of the child. Introduction

Many sociologists have noticed that there is a powerful relationship between education and society. This observation is borne out of your fact that not necessarily possible to separate your lives or bring any distinctive line of demarcation involving the two concepts. This is because of the fact that what happens to the academic system definitely affects the society, and whatever takes place in the contemporary society influences or perhaps shapes the academic system in its ramifications. earlier discussion provides extensively mentioned the concept of education as well as the relaxed (traditional) and formal education. Here, the term society will probably be briefly searched into and the marriage between education and culture. The term society is gave from Latin, which is ‘socius'. Every individual is born into a especially society which in turn bring about understanding and interaction of logical beings. Adedipe (1985) explained society as a group of people intentionally living collectively in their personal characteristics way; that is a means of deliberate living peculiar or maybe a particular group. Ezewu, Fasokun, Akpe and Oluduro (1981) aptly referred to society all together range of human relationships within the set-up. That is, world consists of individuals their activities, and relationship to one another and in relation to all their natural and social environment. It can be deduced that education and society could be considered to be an action of imparting the societal norms, beliefs, beliefs, and knowledge to an individual so as to enable him/her not only to function effectively well at the society but to contribute to its creation. In other words, education is the totality of the procedure to make a persons useful users of the contemporary society. Emile Durkheim (1939) a spanish sociologist maintains that the significant functions of education is definitely the transmission of societal rules and values. He contended that ‘society can survive only when their exists among the members an adequate degree of homogeneity; education sustains and reinforces the homogeneity by fixing in the child from the beginning the primary similarities which collective your life demands. ” To Durkheim, to become attached to society, the child must experience in this something that can be real, with your life and highly effective, which rules the person and to which this individual also is in debt for the best part of himself (Haralambos and Herald 1980). Nevertheless , it has become relevant and crucial to educate every single member in the society, regardless of class, or position in addition to the role one particular occupies in society. The situation in society today is glaring that everybody needs to be re-socialised and educated so as to possess less issue. In Nigeria, there are frequent strikes among the civil servant. In Nigeria,...

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