E-Learning Instructing method

 E-Learning Teaching method Essay

E-learning with Computer Technology in

Handicapped Higher Education

Li Bian

College of Special Education

Beijing Union University

Beijing, China

[email protected] com

Abstract—E-learning is versatile learning using computer network resources, tools and applications, and concentrating on interaction between teachers, learners, and the online environment and

collaborative learning. This conventional paper presents and analyzes elearning with software in disabled higher education. Computer technologies are becoming an innate and important factor of teaching and learning inside our digital and networked contemporary society. In particular, they can have a profound

influence in the education of those university students with problems. They can be used to enhance students' abilities along with support all their learning actions. And especially, they will enable pupils with afflictions to accomplish educational goals from where they have typically been ruled out.

Keywords-e-learning; software; college students;

impaired; higher education



E-learning is about linking learners to other learners,

teachers to professional support services and providing

websites for learning. E-education will certainly connect learners and professors to better details, ideas and one another by way of

effective mixtures of pedagogy and technology [1].

Computer network technology enables universities and colleges to leapfrog the logistics and organizational constraints they meet up with today to widen their audience [2]. Computer network

technology provides usage of students with mobility or perhaps

availability constraints, creating adaptable, digital campuses. Students can easily work remotely, attending programs,

accessing data and concluding exercises with wireless connections to instructors and sources of educational resources [3]. E-learning is more than developing pc literacy and the skills required to operate different kinds of information and communication technology. It is the capability to apply

information and interaction technology expertise to access,

evaluate, evaluate, combine, present and communicate

information, and produce knowledge and new info by

establishing, applying, building, inventing and authoring

info [4]. With advances in computer network

technology and high-speed data networks, as well as increases in bandwidth potential, remote supervision services produced. It is the capability to enhance educating and learning through

connection and effort by using info and

conversation technology, and performance in a understanding

society by using appropriate technology and learning

communication and collaboration expertise [5]. Computer network

technology provides a huge effect, not just on schools, yet on the educational community in general. Students reap the benefits of

learning to use computer network technology tools to perform research, to discover information in order to browse through digital libraries [6]. E-learning represents the convergence of

information technology and communication technology.

information and communication technology is the combo

of systems, hardware and software plus the means of

connection, collaboration and engagement that enable the

processing, administration and exchange of data, info and knowledge [7]. Students and researchers can function in electronic

teams through virtual sessions, cooperation tools, forums

and chat-rooms. Every institution can easily share articles and industry new providers for isolated populations or perhaps in-service teaching

through portals or online classrooms [8]. E-learning can

enhance educational change by enabling teachers and learners to advance away from traditional approaches to instructing and

learning [9]. In a converted teaching and learning

environment, there is a change from teacher-centered, taskoriented, memory-based education with technology in the periphery, to the inclusive and integrated practice where

students work collaboratively,...

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